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Restaurant Owner Pranks Couple On First Date Making It Look Like They Got Engaged

Restaurant Owner Pranks Couple On First Date Making It Look Like They Got Engaged

Well, this is awkward

A fella's mates pranked him during his first date by arranging to get a bottle of bubbly and a massive sparkler sent over to the table, making it seem as though the pair had just engaged.

Neil Harkin was on a date with Jean McAuley at The Old Docks Bar and Grill in Northern Ireland when they became the unexpected focus of all the other diners.

Friend and restaurant owner Liam Shiels decided it was the perfect opportunity to pull off the prank, so he made sure the couple sat right in the middle of the room, before he joined 13 of their other pals to watch the stunt unfold.

The embarrassing moment was caught on camera and was quickly shared online where it's racked up thousands of views.

Neil said: "There was nothing I could do. I just wanted the ground to open up and swallow me.

"Nothing seemed out of the ordinary. We didn't expect anything at all.

"The restaurant was packed - there wasn't a seat in the whole restaurant.

Kennedy News and Media

"Being a friend, Liam knew it was a first date so that's when he started his prank. As they say, the rest is history.

"A customer had a birthday so I thought they were going to do something [to say] happy birthday. We were sitting there having a meal and then the next thing a bottle of prosecco came down with a sparkler on it." Brilliant.

Liam added: "It was priceless - unbelievable. The whole place was clapping and cheering.

"He text me on the Friday to book a table in the restaurant so I said, 'I'll get you squeezed in'. We were there for a leaving do too.

"When they walked in, he was expecting everyone to be cheering but we just said, 'alright, how are you doing?'

"We had it arranged that we'd put them in the middle table in the whole restaurant.

"When they were just finishing dinner, we got the staff to get a bottle of prosecco with a sparkler on the top of it, then played 'Congratulations' music around the speakers."

Kennedy News and Media

As mortifying as it sounds, it turns out that Jean saw the funny side of the whole thing and has even agreed to see Neil again.

Neil said: "This was a first date, but me and Jean went to the same primary school. I've known her a long time then we hooked up and went on a date.

"The fella who walked out with the bottle used to play football with me - Gary, he's the waiter. He was in on the prank as well.

"We have a second date lined up now - but the first place I won't be going to as the Old Docks."

Yeah, probably for the best, mate.

Featured Image Credit: Kennedy News and Media

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