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Man Receives 'Exit Survey' From Ex-Lover Asking Him To Rate The Experience

Man Receives 'Exit Survey' From Ex-Lover Asking Him To Rate The Experience

Niall Moran says he was dating the woman in December 2019 before telling him she wasn't ready for a relationship... then he got the survey

Rebecca Shepherd

Rebecca Shepherd

A student has revealed how he was sent a bizarre 'exit survey' by a former lover following a short dating stint.

Niall Moran from Perranporth, Cornwall, was left stunned after receiving the questionnaire following his tryst.

Deadline News

The University of Bath student took to social media to share the post-coital survey, which asked him to 'rate his experience'.

The 22-year-old posted screenshots from the quiz, which demanded a mixture of ratings and written responses.

The survey starts with: "Thanks for the s**g, now rate the experience. Thank you."

Deadline News

The first question asks: "How attractive did you find XXX?" At the bottom of the scale is the answer: "Ew what was I thinking," and at the top - equivalent to a 10 - is: "Wow wow wow."

Subsequent questions include: "What is XXX's best feature (it's okay to objectify me here by the way)," and "How would you rate the sex?"

The final question asks: "By the way what's your name (don't leave if you don't want to)".

Deadline News

Niall shared the images on Twitter, joking: "Can't believe I slept with a psychopath."

Since posting, Niall's tweet has been liked more than 30,000 times and left social media users in stitches.

One wrote: "I just wanna know what answers you gave," while another said: "And that's enough internet for today."

A third simply asked: "Who the f*** does a post-f*** survey?"

Niall Moran.
Deadline News

Speaking today, Niall explained: "We were dating for a month back in December 2019. We slept together a few times in that period before she slept with someone else and told me she wasn't ready for a relationship.

"Over the next 10 months she used to message me loads but I unfriended her and told her I wanted to get over her as she led me on.

"She then sends me the sex survey and I was like wtf, so posted it on Twitter without revealing her identity as I respect her privacy.

"After she sent me the survey I blocked her and instantly screenshot it."

Niall continued: "Lots of girls were calling her a queen without knowing the context. And lots of my friends that know me were quick to defend me.

"But the majority found it funny which is always a reaction I welcome as the world doesn't have enough humour this year."

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