Man Says He's The Only 'Local' Left In Picturesque Welsh Village


Man Says He's The Only 'Local' Left In Picturesque Welsh Village

A pensioner who lives in an idyllic seaside village in Wales says that he is the only local person left, after all the other houses were bought as second homes and holiday homes for the wealthy.

Norman Thomas moved into the village of Cwm-yr-Eglwys 55 years ago and - like many - he fell in love with the beaches and temperate climate.

However, while the Pembrokeshire village used to be thriving and bustling with life, he claims that it becomes a ghost town during the winter when everyone else leaves.

That leaves just Norman and a handful of other people living there full time, and Norman says he is the only native Welsh speaker left in the village.


Sad, right?

Credit: SWNS
Credit: SWNS

Norman explained: "Ten years ago it started going rough - there were no lights at night in the houses.

"It looks so dark and cold in the winter because there's not many people.


"You don't see anybody, you can drive up the road with your eyes shut because there's nobody on the road."

Probably best not to do that though, Norman.

He continued: "There are three houses occupied and I'm the only 'local local'."

Norman lives in a lovely house overlooking the beach, where he lived with his wife and they raised their four children.


He's been there since the 1960s, but the house has been in his wife's family for more than 100 years.

Credit: SWNS
Credit: SWNS

Now, there are only around 50 properties within Cwm-yr-Eglwys, and many are holiday homes that can cost more than a million quid.

In fact, one recently sold for £1.3 million.


Unfortunately, none of those who are moving in are native Welsh speakers, a fact that clearly gets to Norman.

"You don't hear a word of it spoken here now," he said.

"I speak Welsh to everybody!"

The other two people who live there for the full year are an elderly couple called Elizabeth and Harry Broughton, but they came to the area in 1968 from Lancashire so aren't Cymraeg speakers.


Contrary to what you might think, Norman actually likes the holidaymakers.

He said: "They're not doing any damage - in fact, they spend a lot of money here building better houses.

"We know everybody who comes here. They're all nice people."

But it's not all great. Norman went on: "There's no work here at all, but there used to be when I was younger."

Credit: SWNS
Credit: SWNS

"We had 62 farms sprawled out in the parish, and now there's not a single milk producer.

"They've all given up because they couldn't make it pay.

"A lot of the smaller farms have closed and they've all joined to make bigger units.

"There used to be four or five grocers in the village - there's two now.

"There was an ironmonger here, that's gone.

"There were five pubs here and now there are only two. I've got a friend who has to travel about 40 miles a day to find work.

"In the winter they're really suffering."

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