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​'Rich Kid Of London' Angers Social Media By Posing With Bear While Wearing Fur Coat

​'Rich Kid Of London' Angers Social Media By Posing With Bear While Wearing Fur Coat

Those 'Rich Kids of Instagram' are at it again, causing controversy with their displays of lavishness - with one woman videoed petting a live bear while wearing a fur coat and drinking champagne.

Sure, we're all fascinated by how rich people live - whether than means being taken on a tour around someone's mansion on MTV's Cribs or listening to the first world problems unfurl on Made in Chelsea.

But that's not to say that we're able to lap it up without passing judgement - especially when there's a live bear involved, it seems.


The video was posted to the Rich Kids of London Instagram profile, and shows a woman posing and pouting while stroking a bear.

As the woman poses and pouts for cameras, the bear can be seen lying on its back on the icy ground.

Credit: Instagram/Rich Kids of London
Credit: Instagram/Rich Kids of London

Instagram users were quick to condemn the woman, noting that there was something particularly off about the fact she was stroking an animal while wearing a fur coat.


One wrote: "It makes me feel very sad that she's wearing real fur and patting a live bear."

Another added: "Sedated. Nothing cool about this video"

Comment also came in from a third person, who wrote: "This whole video just doesn't sit right with me."

Meanwhile, another wrote sarcastically: "Heard about this video on the news and how revolting ppl find it. Such an animal lover this lady."


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"Sick! She does not respect wildlife," was another comment that summed up much of the response.

Not everyone was against the woman's actions, though - some people were left feeling pretty impressed, while others even seemed jealous.

Comments ranged from 'That's pretty baller' and 'I want a bear' to 'gangsta asf' and 'goalssss lol'.

One person even said: "I want to give him a hug and pet his belly."


Another wrote: "That pose at the end... I feel so poor rn."

Credit: Instagram/Rich Kids of London
Credit: Instagram/Rich Kids of London

Of course, it's not the first time that the Rich Kids of Instagram crew have sparked outrage over their public flaunting.

The Rich Kids of Tehran account - which has now been made private - came under fire recently because its Iranian millennials were far from shy and retiring about their extreme wealth, despite the fact that Iran has faced economic hardships across the country.


The posts often feature expensive cars, extravagant mansions, seemingly non-stop luxury holidays and ridiculous birthday parties - all designed to make us feel like total peasants by comparison.

The LA Times explained that it's where "attractive 20-somethings flaunt $1,000 Hermes sandals and frolic poolside at lavish mansions in a capital where, perhaps in another part of town, the desperate hawk their own kidneys to feed their families."

In a piece for the New York Times, Iranian journalist Amir Ahmadi Arian said: "Wealthy young Iranians act like a new aristocratic class unaware of the sources of their wealth."

Amir added: "They brazenly drive Porsches and Maseratis through the streets of Tehran before the eyes of the poor and post about their wealth on Instagram."

Consider yourselves judged, rich kids.

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/Rich Kids of London

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