One Company Is Looking For ​Part Time Whisky Distillery Testers

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One Company Is Looking For ​Part Time Whisky Distillery Testers

When your mum started nagging you to get a part-time job as a teenager, options felt pretty depressing, didn't they? It was either a case of getting up at the crack of dawn for a paper round in the freezing cold, stacking shelves with tins of soup at the supermarket, washing pots at the local pub or babysitting your neighbour's three kids - who all happened to be under the age of five.

Well, things have changed, folks. Part-time jobs no longer involve slogging away for peanuts - and that's because they can now involve swigging away for free booze. Sounds like a pretty win-win situation, right?


The folk at stag party website StagWeb are looking for a Whisky Distillery Tester, which sounds like it might just be the best thing that ever happened to you. The job involves exactly what you'd imagine, as the company is after people to test customer experience days at distilleries across Scotland.

Successful applicants will then be able to sample not only some top-notch hospitality, but also some of the finest Scottish whisky - and we all know there's a fair bit of that going around.

They'll be taking one for the team by checking out distilleries, helping StagWeb find the best guest experiences across the country for the many, many stag dos that take place each year.


No experience is required, but unsurprisingly you have to be 18 or over to apply. Applicants don't have to ditch their 9-5 jobs, either, as the part-time role can be completed at weekends.

And while potential job-seekers don't have to be whisky experts, they do have to be partial to a drop or two of the good stuff - which isn't hard, let's face it. They also have to be prepared to travel, but again, most of us would be prepared to walk 500 miles and walk 500 more for a good sesh.

StagWeb's Director of Operations Steve Roddy said: "This isn't about knowing the best malt's, or being able to discern peaty undertones, this is about recognising the best day out, excellent service and the best customer experiences. This is a part-time role and open to anyone regardless of their whisky drinking credentials."


Think you've got what it takes? Interested applicants can head to the StagWeb website to apply online by sending no more than 150 words - starting with 'I drink, therefore I am...'

Come on, we've got faith in you.

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