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Performing Arts School Comes Under Fire For Hosting 'Love Island' Party For Kids

Performing Arts School Comes Under Fire For Hosting 'Love Island' Party For Kids

Parents thought it would was 'perverse' the school wanted to put on the party but the owner said they need to 'have a look at themselves'

Rebecca Shepherd

Rebecca Shepherd

Who doesn't love Love Island. I'm sure there will be many people shouting at their phones now saying 'me' well get a grip and watch it. I'm only joking, do what you want I'll just be unavailable from 9-10 each night to bother.

But would we encourage a Love Island party for a bunch of kids? Arguably not. Which is probably why some parents have reportedly blasted a performing arts school in Scotland for doing just the thing.

Children, aged between three and 18, were invited to Fever Pitch SOPA North's Love Island themed beach party which was offering mocktails and a quiz on their knowledge of the ITV2 show.

An online ad for the party, which went ahead yesterday, said: "Get Involved! Mocktails on arrival. Then it's PAMPER TIME!

"Summer nails and glitter lips. We will be testing your knowledge of the islanders and a few of you might even receive a TEXT! Be prepared for some challenges."

And, according to the Daily Record, some parents were left horrified with one dad telling the paper: "This surely is perverse and wrong. The lady in charge should be ashamed.

ITV2/Love Island

"They are sexualising our kids and making them aware of the filth that we as parents try to keep away from them.

"My children wanted to attend and I think the owner of Fever Pitch shouldn't be allowed to be in charge of our young ones."

And last night a mum reportedly told the paper: "This Love Island party is vile. I don't want my children anywhere near Love Island or anything to do with it."

But everything might not seem just as horrendous once you listen to the lady in charge, Lisa McKechnie who reckons everything has been 'blown out of proportion'.

She told LADbible: "We had such a laugh yesterday and I don't think it's been a parent that's complained as all my parents are going crazy about it all.

"We always have fun days and this was just one of many. In hindsight, I wish I didn't name it Love Island but to be honest it was just a beach party in which all the kids had shorts and t shirts on and we drank mocktails and played games with hula hoops and beach balls.

Lisa McKechnie.
Lisa McKechnie/Fever Pitch SOPA North

"Anyone thinking there's anything 'perverse' or 'sexualised' needs to have a look at themselves. The thing has been blown out of proportion."

In relation to the theme, she added: "I think some of the older kids may have watched a few episodes over their parents shoulders. However, one of the questions was 'What TV show is Dani's dad in?' And one of the wee kids replied 'Home Alone'.

"Most of the kids hadn't watched Love Island and were still none the wiser on the show when they left."

Featured Image Credit: ITV2/Love Island

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