People Are Divided Over Dinner And Tea Or Lunch And Dinner

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People Are Divided Over Dinner And Tea Or Lunch And Dinner

Have you ever had a conversation with a mate and the pair of you have ended up really confused? It usually goes something a little like this:

Friend: Shall we go for dinner tomorrow?

Me: Yeah, sure, about 1ish?

Friend: *Looking unsure* For dinner?


Me: *Equally as confused* Yeah...

Friend: No, I mean dinner as in tea - as in our evening meal.

So, now that we've established I'm more of a dinner and tea kinda gal, let's move on and forget about that because people are getting shit left, right and centre for it and I can't be arsed being one of those victims for all you lunch and dinner guys out there.


We put the whole fiasco to the test to see what was most popular and carnage erupted with one person telling people they needed shooting - calm down, mate.

The original poll we conducted gave people the option to choose between 'Dinner and tea', 'Lunch and dinner' or 'Other'. The results gathered from nearly 20,000 absolute LADs showed that 34 per cent of people opted for dinner and tea, with 60 per cent choosing lunch and dinner.

The remaining six per cent were mostly made up of people saying that 'lunch' was their mid-day meal with 'tea' being their evening feast. So basically, a mash up of both.


Some pointed out that it was like asking whether people are from the North or the South - explaining that Northerners say dinner and tea (which is correct, in my case) and Southerners saying lunch and dinner.

Jumping to conclusions one person took to social media saying: "Anyone that says lunch has a grey perm and a frame".

Another added: "Well in an ideal world my day would consist of Breakfast, Lunch, Tea, Dinner, A Late Supper, Nightcap".


We couldn't agree with this guy any more if we tried, although personally, I'd like to see dinner placed before tea...

Well, that's me told.

Anyone who went for lunch and dinner needs to get in the bin though. IMO.

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Rebecca Shepherd
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