Pupils Sent Home On Hottest Day Of The Year After 'Refusing To Wear Blazers'

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Pupils Sent Home On Hottest Day Of The Year After 'Refusing To Wear Blazers'

If you were in school or work yesterday, or even at home, you'll know that it was absolutely roasting.

If you weren't telling someone how hot it was, you were definitely thinking it. I think the whole of the UK must have rued the day that they naively wished for summer to return during the cold winter months.


"I love summer, but it's a bit TOO hot" and "do you reckon we'll get sent home?" were probably uttered more regularly than "that Piers Morgan is a bit of a wanker, isn't he?" And that's saying something.

You've got to spare a thought for all those schoolkids who have to dress like proper bankers in this weather. Yes, I said bankers. The dress code for schools tends to be trousers/skirt, shirt, tie and a blazer. And if you're a kid, the chances are you're running about during lunch and as a result, sweating like a Chelsea player watching John Terry chat to his wife.

As temperatures reached over 30C yesterday, you'd assume that schools' uniform policies would be relaxed ever so slightly.

Well, according to Reece Wolfe, 12, you'd be wrong. He was given a 'fixed-term' exclusion by teachers just minutes after starting the school day, along with two other pupils.


The three of them claim that they were given the exclusion because they refused to wear their blazers while walking through the corridors and open spaces of the school, as required by the policy.

Reece's mum Leanne Monkman, 36, says that Reece was dressed in a white long-sleeved shirt, black blazer and black trousers, and he nearly fainted while in a shoe shop earlier that morning due to warm weather.

Leanne immediately told staff at the school that her son wasn't feeling too good and asked if he could take the blazer off for 30 minutes, in order to cool down.

However, just five minutes later she received a call saying he had been excluded. Leanne has blasted the school, saying that the policy is unfair.

However, headteacher Dale Jackson stated that "no students were sent home as a direct result of not wearing their blazer." He claims that they were sent home for 'rude and defiant behaviour'.


Leanne explained that her son has been given a week-long 'fixed-term exclusion' and will be allowed to return to the Hull school, East Yorkshire, on Monday.

She said: "I think it's appalling. A lot of parents have been commenting saying the children even have to wear blazers in classrooms. The children are going to end up with heat exertion. It's not like the corridors are really that wide - it will be hot with all them children walking through at the same time.

"The policy needs to be relooked at. I think the policy is right in terms of pupils looking smart but in that heat, it's wrong."

She added: "I took him into Bransholme centre before he started school at 10.50am to buy new school shoes.

"He was in his school uniform and was so hot in his blazer he nearly fainted. Staff had to get him a chair to sit on and a glass of water.

"When I got him to the school, I asked reception if he could not wear his blazer because it was so hot, and they said he could as long as he carried it on his arm. It's ridiculous that they are excluding him for feeling poorly. The teachers said he was getting mouthy and raised his voice at them.

"I was very angry when I got the phone call - I think it's wrong, in this weather. It can make children ill and they are forcing them to wear their blazers."

Reece says that he was stopped by a teacher while walking through a corridor. His blazer was over his arm.

The Year 7 pupil said he tried to tell staff he was not wearing his blazer because his mum told him not to, and added that he had nearly fainted that morning.

He says he was given an ultimatum by teachers: either sit in a behavioural unit called 'consequences' (which had no air con) - or face exclusion.

He said: "I was on the second floor and [a teacher] asked me to put the blazer on and I said no because my mum had told me to keep it off.

"He started having a go and saying if I don't put it on I would have to go to consequences. I said no because it would make me ill.

"When I went to reception, they told me I'd been expelled."


Credit: SWNS

The other two students were sent home for their behaviour after being asked to wear their blazers.

Another mum, who wished to remain anonymous, said it was 'ridiculous' children had to wear their blazers in the hot weather.

She said: "I think it's ridiculous they have to wear their blazers all the time, especially if it's hot. As long as their shirt's tucked in and they look presentable, what of it? If I'm at work and I'm hot, I take my cardigan off - what difference does it make?"

Kingswood Academy headteacher Dale Jackson said: "Today (Monday, June 19), no students were sent home as a direct result of not wearing their blazer. Three students, were however, sent home on 'fixed term exclusions' due to rude and defiant behaviour - this type of behaviour is simply not tolerated at Kingswood Academy.

"With regards to our uniform policy, students must wear their blazers when moving around the Academy through the corridors and open spaces. In lessons, students are welcome to take off their blazers."

What do you think? Let us know in the comments.

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