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Redditors Are Pointing Out Everything Wrong With British People That We Need To Hear

Rebecca Shepherd


Redditors Are Pointing Out Everything Wrong With British People That We Need To Hear

Featured Image Credit: Chris Bull/Alamy Stock Photo

A Reddit thread has picked up on all the things people in the UK need to hear when it comes to their behaviours and beliefs.

When one user asked the question, they helpfully decided to go first and went on a rant about self-scan machines explaining that, instead of constantly picking everything up and putting it back down, we should 'scan the item, put it down and then LEAVE IT'.

Who reckons they'd just come back from an irritated food shopping trip when they wrote this?

Credit: Simon Hadley/Alamy Stock Photo
Credit: Simon Hadley/Alamy Stock Photo

It's a good job they did because, in all fairness, it went down an absolute treat with the internet leaving the people of Reddit flocking to leave a suggestion for us Brits.

In response, someone wrote: "That it will not kill you to walk single file on a narrow path for all of 30 seconds so someone can pass you on the other side, as opposed to two or three (or more!) abreast." YES.

Another suggested: "That life on the whole is not bad here and people should appreciate what they have." Deep.

Credit: Westend61 GmbH/Alamy Stock Photo
Credit: Westend61 GmbH/Alamy Stock Photo

One we can definitely get on board with said: "Pyjamas aren't acceptable outdoor clothing."

In agreement with the statement but willing to make a few allowances, someone commented: "The only exceptions are if you've had to evacuate your house (fire alarm in the middle of the night), or if your school/work are having a pyjama day for charity. Edit: also letting our fur babies out to relieve themselves is another exception."

Other suggestions included: stop eating with your mouth open, stop panic buying and littering is bad. Yes. Yes and... yes.

Credit: EyeEm/Alamy Stock Photo
Credit: EyeEm/Alamy Stock Photo

Another thing that Redditors want us to know is: "Constantly being busy in an office/staying late isn't a good thing."

The person went on to add: "Less so if you aren't really busy; you're just doing loads of worthless menial admin, can't use systems properly or in pointless meetings. Also highly related but learn how to use pivot tables."

"No one needs to hear your music or conversation on public transport or in a park," added another.

There's always a few people who need to rant about traffic as well, here is one of them: "That when two lanes merge into one, drivers are better off waiting until the merge point to actually change lanes!

Ut ohhh. Credit: Justin Kase zsixz/Alamy Stock Photo
Ut ohhh. Credit: Justin Kase zsixz/Alamy Stock Photo

"Drives me mad, people all going to a single lane as soon as they see a sign miles away from the point at which the road merges."

Someone else gave us a little food for thought when they wrote: "You don't always need to get drunk to have fun."

I'm sorry, what?

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Rebecca Shepherd
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