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Schoolboys Wear Skirts To School To Protest 'No Shorts' Rule

Schoolboys Wear Skirts To School To Protest 'No Shorts' Rule

A group of Year 10 pupils have found a loophole in their school's uniform policy

Claire Reid

Claire Reid

A group of teenage boys have got round a 'no shorts' rule by wearing skirts to school. Nicely done.

Adrian Copp, 15, and his mates from Poltair School in St Austell, Cornwall, decided to pick up some cheap school skirts in protest at the school's 'outdated uniform policy'.


Aidrian and a dozen or so of his Year 10 classmates have now rocked up to classes in their skirts, via a loophole in the policy which states skirts are allowed, but doesn't specify who can wear them.

Adrian asked his mum Donna if she'd pick him a skirt for him, which she did, and he now plans to wear it for the rest of the week.

Adrian said: "I found it a lot cooler definitely. It's really uncomfortable wearing trousers in this heat.

"It was a mixed bag. Some teachers thought we were messing about. But there were others who cheered us on.

"There were a group of Year 8 boys who were clapping and cheering us.

"We were removed from classes and banned for socialisation for 24 hours but we were let go because they couldn't find anything to pin us on.


"We haven't broken any rules.

"We just want everyone to have the option to wear shorts in this heat and that goes for the girls too."

And his decision to wear a pleated skirt for lesson has the full approval of mum Donna who says she's proud her son has taken a stand.

She said: "When he went to primary school he would wear shorts no problem.

"But for some reason it hasn't been allowed in secondary schools.

"It's been an ongoing battle for a few years.

"When Adrian came up with the idea at the weekend he had my full backing.

"There's no specified gender on the uniform policy and we wanted to play by the rules.

"Ideally it would be to open it up for girls to wear shorts too. Some girls aren't comfortable about wearing skirts so this is about all students.


"A few of the other boys had bottled it but Adrian kept it going.

"I'm so proud Adrian has the guts to take a stand."

The secondary school's uniform guide reads: "Students must wear plain black tailored trousers made of standard material that sit at the waist and shoe line.

"These must be of a style that is complementary of a blazer. Skirts must be pleated and sit no higher than a credit card's width above the knee."

LADbible has contacted Poltair School for comment.

Featured Image Credit: SWNS

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