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​ScotRail Tells Racist Man He Can 'Walk Instead'

​ScotRail Tells Racist Man He Can 'Walk Instead'

You'd imagine having to run the social media account for a rail company would be the BIGGEST ball ache. Not only would you have to provide constant updates about delays and cancellations, you'd also have to craft polite, understanding responses to each and every customer query - even when a customer is frankly being rude AF.


Well, one member of ScotRail's social media team should get a bloody pay rise, having hit back with the perfect reply to a racist tweet.

The Metro reports that someone called 'Ali' recently tweeted ScotRail saying: "I'd like to make a formal complaint about your seating situation."

Fair enough, ScotRail presumably thought, replying with a handy link through which Ali could complain.

But then Ali added: "You have a Pakistani driving one of your you really think that's safe?"

ScotRail's reponse?


Absolute genius.

By the looks of things, the racist troll's original tweet - and account - has since been deleted.

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Since posting the tweet, ScotRail has been praised by other social media users, along with the mysterious 'CM' who signed off on the message.

"ScotRail, please give CM a raise," someone urged.

Another person commented: "Your succinct reply reflects the values of most Scots. You do us proud. Thanks. There is no place for racism or xenophobia on the railway or anywhere else in Scotland."

Someone else said: "Well done @ScotRail on the way you handled that. I don't think I would have been so polite in my answer but it would have been very similar to yours."

Another wrote: "Well played. Very well played indeed. CM deserves a promotion!"

Even Scotland's Transport Minister, Humza Yousaf, got involved in the action, tweeting: "Well done @ScotRail - Putting racists firmly in their place!"

It certainly shows the power of social media - sure, there are sometimes downsides to having an online lynch mob ready to attack at the click of a button, but in this instance, the hustle from the Twitter community feels like it's definitely worthy of applause.

Nice work, internet. Here's hoping these guy feels well and truly put in their place, whoever they are...

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