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Singer Involved In Hilarious War Of 'Petty' Notes In Hallway Over 'Annoying' Rehearsals

Singer Involved In Hilarious War Of 'Petty' Notes In Hallway Over 'Annoying' Rehearsals

Musician Jack Bushrod isn't a fan of the note war but still took the opportunity to plug his new song

Rebecca Shepherd

Rebecca Shepherd

Many of us who have lived in a block of flats will have seen passive-aggressive notes left in the communal area, usually ending up rolling our eyes at whatever has been left behind.

Singer Jack Bushrod is in this boat, having been on the receiving end of a note from his neighbour.

The neighbour claimed to be unable to sleep due to Jack's 'annoying and loud' home rehearsals - resulting in a string of 'petty' notes left on their hallway wall.

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Jack, from Brixton, London, was heading out to the shop on April 6 when he spotted the first note, which condemned his 'loud music' and 'annoying rapping'.

The exasperated 20-year-old was forced to leave his own note in response, explaining how he would have preferred to discuss it face-to-face and saying that he didn't feel having music on at 6pm could be deemed 'late'.

However to his horror, the stubborn neighbour refused to back down and came back with an even more aggressive note, telling Jack he was 'the problem' and threatening to report him to the council.

The cheeky musician then left a follow-up note, suggesting his adversary could always listen to his new song - even directing them as them as to how to find it on Spotify.

Can't say we blame him... in fact, here's another plug.

Kennedy News and Media

Jack said: "When I first saw the note, I thought it might have been from Royal Mail about a missed delivery or something. But then I looked closer, and it was clearly addressed to me about my music. I was a bit taken aback.

"I don't really see too much of this neighbour, he doesn't really leave his flat much except to go to work. But just from reading his notes, he seems like quite an angry guy.

"I don't think he has been living here that long. In the two years I've lived here, I've never had any problems with any other neighbours. Honestly, when I first saw it, I thought it was a joke."

Jack had been rehearsing for a series of future gigs by practicing his new single 'Hide & Seek' at the time his note-writing neighbour picked up the pen.

He admits that he would have handled the encounter differently had his neighbour come and spoken to him about it, rather than leaving notes for him to find.

Kennedy News and Media

Jack said: "I'm a solo artist so it's not like I'm rehearsing with a band in my room. I'm reasonably quiet. Bearing in mind, I don't play my music that loud - or late. I think this was just the sort of guy who had nothing better to do than leave notes to his neighbours.

"If he'd come to me directly, I'd be a lot more apologetic. If he'd told me I couldn't play music between certain hours, that would have been absolutely fine.

"But the way he went about it isn't the right way to go about it. I don't find it annoying or frustrating, but I do find it unusual and petty."

Kennedy News and Media

The first note written by his neighbour read: "To whom it may concern, I do not appreciate you playing loud music with your annoying rapping. I have to be up for work EVERY DAY at 7.30am. You have been warned."

Jack's first note of response read: "Hi, I find leaving notes in the hallway quite petty. I tried knocking several times to talk this over, but it's clear you aren't answering on purpose.

"I am a musician and this is what I do for rehearsals. I appreciate you have to be up for work but me working on my music at 6pm isn't late."

The neighbour's second note read: "YOU are the problem sir. It is the repetitive bass which I can hear through the ceiling. I have early nights as I work long hours.

"If I hear any more music, I will contact the council."

Jack's final note read: "You may as well listen to my new song, whilst we're here. BUSHROD - Hide & Seek on Spotify. You may like it."

Featured Image Credit: Kennedy News and Media

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