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Man Who Asked Internet To Track Down His Holiday Romance Is Actually Married

Man Who Asked Internet To Track Down His Holiday Romance Is Actually Married

Gary Guest met his dream woman on a lads' holiday to Portugal - except he's still living with his wife back in England

Daisy Jackson

Daisy Jackson

So, turns out that Gary the hopeless romantic might not have been telling the full story.

A couple of weeks ago, the lovesick man was desperately hunting for a woman he met on his holiday, with only her first name to go on.

It was pretty intense of him but also kind of romantic.

Things have ended in tears though, as it's emerged that Gary is actually married. Right.

Gary Guest was on a lads' holiday to Albufeira in Portugal when a woman caught his eye across the bar.

NCJ Media

They exchange first names and he bought her a drink, but then she walked out of the bar and potentially his life.

Gary knew she was from Newcastle - calling her his 'Vicky Pattison' - and that her name was Marie, but that's all he had to go on.

So he went to the Chronicle, the local paper in Newcastle, who agreed to help track the holiday romance down.

Within hours, she'd been identified as Marie Donnelly and was, according to Chronicle Live, 'very flattered'.

NCJ Media

Forty-two-year-old Gary began messaging her, trying to arrange to meet up in Newcastle.

Marie, who's 29, was then surprised to receive a message from a woman called Heather on Facebook, saying 'Romeo has got a wife'. Turns out, she's Gary's partner.

"I couldn't believe it," said Marie, of Gateshead, to the Mirror. "After Gary did what he did to find me, I was very flattered. He kept messaging me and he asked if he could come up to Newcastle to see me.

"I didn't want to meet up with him straight away as I didn't know much about him but then after our story appeared in the media I got a message from his wife saying, 'Do you know Romeo has got a wife?'

"I then messaged Gary and said we had better leave it at that."

Gary has admitted that he still lives in the same house as his wife, though they are apparently separated.

"We have been living separate lives for about the last two years, there is nothing physical between us, we don't sleep together, we don't sleep in the same bedroom," he told the Mirror.

"The last time I text Marie, I said, 'Can I see you?''

"But she said, 'I know you're married.' I don't want to push something if it's not going to go anywhere.

"I have just got back onto Facebook so I will message Marie to apologise to her."

Well, that's put an end to that modern love story.

Featured Image Credit: NCJ Media

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