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This Cold Beer Dispenser Is Here For Your Summer And It's Only £60

This Cold Beer Dispenser Is Here For Your Summer And It's Only £60

Your summer is about to be improved massively

Amelia Ward

Amelia Ward

How are you going to spend the bank holiday weekend? I'm going to be working, but I imagine most other people will be living life to the max, and probably drinking nice cold pints in the sun.

The 'Sub' dispenser, by craft beer makers Beer Wulf, is here to revolutionise your summer. Not only does it keep two litres of your beer cold and fresh for up to 15 days, but it's only £60. Looks like you CAN buy happiness.

Dispense beer yourself this bank holiday.
Wulf Beer

And the fun doesn't end there - there are a load of new gadgets that can help you you can make the most of the long weekend with the crew.

Sure, having ice cold beer at the ready is cool, but can you enjoyed a kebab in the comfort of your own house? You can now with this rotating kebab machine. And you don't have to worry about the bank holiday affecting your health too much, as this one even drains all the fat off meat for you. This too is less than £60, and is available from eBay.

eBay/Daniel Jones

If you're not arsed about all that there healthy rubbish, you can also bang a big slab of doner meat in it.

Basically, for less than £120, you never have to leave your house ever again.

If you're lucky enough to have a swimming pool in your garden, (a really big paddling pool will do, I suppose) then you're also in luck, because the Splash Runner exists. This beautiful contraption is a motorised inflatable which comes complete with beer holders (or any type of bev I suppose), as well as two control sticks, and dual propeller motors so you can manoeuvre your way about.

The Splash Runner - pool not included.

Picture this: the sun is out, you're chilling in your pool, beer in hand and you're gliding across the water without a care in the world, speeding towards the homemade kebab you're about to scran. What a scene.

Obviously, the enjoyment of your new gadgets will only carry you so far. You're going to need entertainment, and when the footy starts, you're going to either have to get yourself out of the pool and take yourself inside, or to the pub. Annoying. What you REALLY need in your life is a mobile projector.

Project the football, or Game of Thrones, on to any flat surface.

This little wonder of the world lets you project from your phone, so your walls can become huge TV screens. What a time to be alive.

See. You will really never have to leave your house (or swimming pool) again.

Featured Image Credit: Beerwulf

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