Gotham, Narnia And Middle Earth Appear On Legitimate UK Road Signs

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Gotham, Narnia And Middle Earth Appear On Legitimate UK Road Signs

Have you ever watched one of those epic movies like Lord of the Rings or Batman and wished you could have lived where the characters live? Of course you have, it would be awesome to tell your mates that you're chilling out in Gotham or Middle Earth.

Well, you can imagine drivers being a wee bit confused as they were heading through Oxfordshire.

Places like Narnia, Emerald City and Neverland have appeared on signs at roundabouts in Dicot on the A4130. To be fair, the writing looks very legitimate and you wouldn't be alone in questioning whether the local council did it deliberately as a bit of banter.


Unfortunately, it definitely isn't laughing about the situation, releasing a statement to the BBC saying: "We will investigate as soon as the weather improves. While on the surface amusing, it is vandalism and a potential distraction for drivers."

Bloody killjoys - why can't we have some fun.

Local resident Charlotte Westgate has also told the BBC she saw a hooded bloke around the sign which had Gotham written on it.

"He was on his own, and didn't seem worried that anyone might be looking at him, but no one driving past did anything to stop him," she said.


It seems to have won over some people on social media.


Dicot Mayor Jackie Billington has told the Oxford Mail: "I saw it online and thought I would go and have a look but I never made it to Middle Earth.

"I'm concerned that a tourist could be driving around for hours trying to find Gotham City.

"You can't tell the difference, they are exactly the same font and look like any other normal street sign.

"Someone has obviously gone to a lot of trouble."


This is probably a pretty exciting development for Dicot, considering researchers last year declared it as the 'most normal town in England'.

Can't work out whether that is a compliment or a pay-out - I guess you never want to finish a date with someone and them calling you 'normal'. You'd want funny or exciting or energetic, not normal.

There were 10 streets in the county that were a big match with the national average lifestyle and it also boasts science parks and developments.


These cool signs might have elevated Dicot into the list of edgy or banterous cities but surely now that they've gone viral, they'll be taken down pretty quickly.

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