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​Bloke 'Breaks Into Babestation' To Prank Webcam Presenters With Silly String

​Bloke 'Breaks Into Babestation' To Prank Webcam Presenters With Silly String

A bloke who 'broke into the Babestation set' to prank the webcam presenters has revealed how he did it - and it's surprisingly simple.


Digit Davis, a rapper who also creates funny video content, managed to go behind-the-scenes at the X-rated British TV channel, running amok with a can of silly string.

He found himself in the unique backstage position after getting delivered to the set in a cardboard box by his mate (yep, really), somehow avoiding any staff before eventually spraying silly string onto several women as they filmed live shows - and filming the whole thing.

"I got into Babestation again," he captioned the video, posting it to social media.

In the two-minute video, Davis is seen cutting himself out of his giant cardboard box before moving over to the set to complete the prank on the unassuming presenters.

"The girls just screamed, but were half laughing too," Digit Davis told LADbible.


"I'm guessing they thought it was someone from the office pranking them at first.

"After I got the second girl I just ran straight back out to the deliveries entrance and straight into the car, so I didn't actually get thrown out by the staff."

Credit: Digit Davis
Credit: Digit Davis

And it's not even the first time he's done it, either, as he pulled a similar stunt a few months back - though that time he threw sticky gel hands at the women.

"I was at an event in London last year and met a guy who'd worked with Babestation before," Davis explained.

"He let me know where it was and what door to go to so I avoided the main entrance.

"Last time I did it I blagged my way in with a hi-vis jacket and a ladder.

"After that Babestation were tweeting about it and they found it harmless fun... So I thought why not try again?

"But I knew I couldn't get through the door again so I had to be posted in."

He added: "I wasn't in there too long the second time and I'd gone late afternoon so there was a lot less staff around.

"From the entrance I got delivered in, they left me just inside and it was only about 15 metres from the back of the studio, so I didn't bump into any staff."

LADbible has contacted Babestation for comment.

Featured Image Credit: Digit Davis

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​Bloke 'Breaks Into Babestation' To Prank Webcam Presenters With Silly String

​Bloke 'Breaks Into Babestation' To Prank Webcam Presenters With Silly String

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