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Freddos Priced At 99p Spotted At A Store In London

Freddos Priced At 99p Spotted At A Store In London

There aren't many things guaranteed in this life - death, taxes and the fact that the loose change in your pocket will always be able to buy one of those delicious frog-shaped chocolates known as Freddos.

Well, not anymore. One Twitter user went shopping for chocolate and came across an incredibly shocking sight. It's hard for us to write this over our abject disgust, so we'll let her do the talking:

Yes, you saw that right. A Freddo. For 99p. Which might as well be a pound. But hang on, the plot thickens.


For a start, she found them in Kingdom Of Sweets, a store on London's Oxford Street that specialises in foreign sweets. So it's not as if these were at your nearest corner store or Tesco Metro.

Credit: Kingdom Of Sweets
Credit: Kingdom Of Sweets

Second of all, these don't appear to be your regular Freddos, but Peppermint Lilypad flavor. Which doesn't excuse the price, but certainly shows they're not your usual piece of amphibious chocolate.

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In fact, someone replied to her tweet explaining that not only were these not normal Freddos, they're actually from a far away place.


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Now, that still doesn't justify that price, but it does mean this isn't an across-the-board phenomenon. That said, the price of Freddos has been on the rise in recent years. They first went on sale in 1974, and their increase in price is matched only by the housing market and Bitcoin, as this handy graph that somebody with far too much time on their hands put together:

According to that chart, the price of Freddos is increasing at a rate much higher than inflation. At the moment, a regular Freddo from a regular store will cost you 25p, compared to 17p just seven years ago.


The chart estimates that by 2030, a single Freddo will be 38p, but that if prices rose in line with inflation they should only be 20p by that point. So while it's not 99p, it's clear we're still getting screwed over.

Featured Image Credit: Twitter

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