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This Woman Was Shocked To See Herself After Buying Veneers On The Cheap

This Woman Was Shocked To See Herself After Buying Veneers On The Cheap

Sue Robertson picked up some cheap veneers for her teeth online. It’s fair to say that you always get what you pay for…

Chris Ogden

Chris Ogden

Some people are willing to go to extreme lengths to change their appearance, whether you're having cosmetic surgery to enhance your breasts, or pumping your arms full of a home-made chemical mixture to look like some kind of horrific, twisted Popeye.

The standards we are expected to live up to are unrealistic, guiding us to be aspire to be more like models we see on Instagram or the Kardashians when, let's face it, the only thing real about them is the look of flickering realisation that they've wasted their lives buried deep behind their eyes.

That said, it's not unhealthy to want to improve your body image and, if you can do it on the cheap then why wouldn't you?

Because - as is so often the case - doing things on the cheap doesn't get you the kind of results that spending loads of money does.

Sue Robertson found this out the hard way when trying to buy some veneers for her teeth online.

Credit: Supplied

She spent £28 - which is still pretty expensive - on the 'Perfect Smile Veneers' that were advertised as 'one size fits all' and providing a 'perfect, custom fit'.

Well, judging from the pictures, Sue would definitely have turned heads with her new look, though probably not for the reason she had initially desired.

Luckily, she saw the funny side of her predicament and went onto Facebook to post: "Real excited for my perfect smile veneers to come, they came, with excitement I got instructions followed to the letter, I am told on the leaflet that no one will know I'm wearing veneers.

I'm looking at myself and thinking there's something different about me, what a waste of £28."

Credit: Supplied

They are certainly different, though I think some people might suspect that they're not her original teeth.

Real veneers are bloody expensive though. They can cost up to £500 per tooth, which is too expensive even if your natural teeth have rotted down to blackened stumps.

Sadly, Sue is not the only one to be tricked by this company and one fellow disappointed customer commented: "I ordered these & when they came I had the EXACT same issue. Once I was finally about to get a real person on the phone they were no help at all. Now I'm stuck with the silly looking things NEVER again."

Credit: Supplied

There are a few morals to take from this story - Perhaps it's that you always get what you pay for, or maybe that you should just be happy with yourself the way you are?

Probably the most important one is that you should just brush your teeth thoroughly. That way you won't have to stick ridiculous bits of plastic to them.

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