Viral Sensation Ronnie Pickering Gets Floored Outside Pub In Hull

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Viral Sensation Ronnie Pickering Gets Floored Outside Pub In Hull

Remember Ronnie Pickering? Well, Hull's finest viral sensation who shot to fame in 2015, after a bizarre argument between him and a cyclist was captured on camera, is back in the headlines.

This time someone did actually take him up on his offer of a bare-knuckle fight - and it didn't end well for Ronnie.


Poor old Ronnie was just having a smoke outside the Wawne Ferry pub in his native Hull at about 9pm on Saturday night when a much younger guy laid him out with a single punch to his head.


The video footage shows the attacker being held back, but the man - who seems to be about half of his age - breaks free and hits Pickering once in the head, sending him sprawling to the deck.

57-year-old Pickering claims that he was the victim of an 'ambush', and that he suffered bruising and what he believes to be cracked ribs in the attack.

Ronnie hits the floor. Credit: Hull Daily Mail
Ronnie hits the floor. Credit: Hull Daily Mail

He said: "This lad was shouting, 'Fight me, fight me!' I never answered him. I just blanked him. I just wasn't interesting in fighting anyone.


"I saw him take a run and then he punched me to the temple.

"I hadn't been in a stance, if you know what I mean. I wasn't prepared for it. I fell straight backwards, hitting a bench and then a wall."

He then said that his attacked ran away from the scene, 'realising what he had just done'.

Ronnie, being the trouper that he is, went back into the Wawne Ferry - in which he is a regular - and continued with his night out.


He continued: "I got up. I went back inside the pub. I wasn't about to leave my pint.

"I didn't lose consciousness. You can see that in the video."

Still, you'd think that he might go and get himself checked out, or even talk to the police after being whacked in the face.


Nope, not Ronnie - he's a real man of the people. He said: "I am no grass. That's just the way I was brought up.

"I must be 30-odd years older than this lad. It's not right hitting anyone when they're minding their own business, least of all someone who is pushing 60. It's just something you don't do.

"People in this city have died after being hit by a single punch. I have had a lot of calls and texts from people who saw what happened. They all think it was bang out of order."

Credit: Hull Daily Mail
Credit: Hull Daily Mail

He is obviously sceptical about the motives of the people who were involved in this attack, particularly the fact that a video has emerged of the whole thing. He added: "It's very strange. People will do anything to get hits on the Internet. It's possible this was a set-up."

Ronnie seems to have taken to his fame quite well since going viral in 2015.

Of his new-found celebrity, he said: "A lot of people approach me wanting selfies taking with me, but I'm always polite and I always agree.

"You can't win. People think, 'Who does that bloke think he is?' but if I was rude to them they'd have a go at me for that, too."

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