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Man's Wetherspoon Session Ends In Chaos After He Put Table Number On Facebook

Man's Wetherspoon Session Ends In Chaos After He Put Table Number On Facebook

Alan Chapman ended up getting 165 orders in total which included things like cakes with tomato sauce and sides of black pudding and milk...

Rebecca Shepherd

Rebecca Shepherd

When Alan Chapman went to his local Spoons he was expecting a quiet night out ahead of a big birthday sesh in London the following day.

But his original plan quickly descended into chaos when the soldier - who is better known as Chappy - put his table number on Facebook and told pals: "Do your worst."

And their worst they did, sending 165 orders in total.

Chappy ended up with 165 orders.

It didn't take long for the bizarre concoctions to flood in which included cakes with tomato sauce and sides of black pudding and milk - leaving Wetherspoon staff unable to cope.

Chappy, 35, who works in the bomb disposal unit said: "I was having a quiet Friday, we were going to London to have a sesh (the next day). Things escalated quite drastically.

"I think they had already served us something along the lines of 50 or 60 drinks, then he [the manager] was like 'that's it, we are stopping it now'."

Chappy works in the bomb disposal unit.

The soldier of 16 years added: "I was a little bit intoxicated, I had a little bit of a bad head the next day, what makes you bad makes you better."

Chappy, who is based near Saffron Walden, Essex, said he and his pals polished off the drinks brought to the table at The Temeraire pub before being told further orders had been banned.

He later admitted posting the table details on social media 'wasn't the best move' but it was a 'good night' nonetheless.

Non-alcoholic beer - what an insult.

Cakes, steaks, 30 jagerbombs, black pudding, non-alcoholic beer and halloumi cheese were among the deluge of items delivered to table 36 on Friday night.

Mr Chapman headed to London the following day and went straight to a Wetherspoon in Liverpool Street.

"I will NOT be sharing the table number this time," he posted on social media, accompanied by two crying laughing emojis.

Chappy was in The Temeraire pub.
Google Maps

The Wetherspoon app allows anyone with an iPhone or Android phone to order food and drinks to their table, without leaving their seat.

The pub chain's website explains: "Going to the bar to order when you're visiting the pub with children can be tricky. Keep everyone seated at the table and order using your phone - we'll bring everything to you.

"It's perfect if you're visiting the pub on your own and don't want to lose your table - or you don't want to carry a large round of drinks back through a busy pub on a tray.

"It's also a game-changer if you're not as mobile or you're sitting a long way away from the bar, in one of our beer gardens or on an upper-floor area.

"Let us do the leg-work and bring your order to you."


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