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Wilko Selling £3 Plug Socket Shelf For Charging Your Smartphone

Wilko Selling £3 Plug Socket Shelf For Charging Your Smartphone

This is certainly a solution for when your phone dies as you're watching a video

Sick of having to leave your phone on the floor while it charges? Maybe you've stood on it one too many times.

Well, here's the solution in the form of a teeny, tiny plug socket shelf.

The Borrower-esque invention will set you back just £2.75 ($3.80) and transforms your generic socket into a handy phone stand.


Thankfully, it's easy to fit above the ridge of the socket and doesn't require any drilling - phew.

The convenient contraption will keep your phone off the floor meaning that wires are less likely to be strewn everywhere.

Under the product information section, Wilko explains: "Our handy Socket Shelf transforms your electrical socket into a shelf which you can leave your mobile phone on when it's recharging. It can be fitted in minutes and doesn't require an electrician or any drilling. Supplied with longer screws."

On the shop's website, the order and collect option is currently unavailable so you would have to opt for home delivery.

Standard delivery will set customers back £5 but if you just can't wait then it might be best to get the Next Day Delivery on orders before 5pm which costs £8.

Alternatively, you could hedge your bets and go into a store to try and track down the miniature shelf. Here's a handy store locator to find your nearest Wilko. You're welcome.


Reviewing the item, one person wrote: "Easy to fit without complete removal of socket. Doesn't look too bad either."

Another added: "Never seen ones of these before but looked a handy thing to have. My wife plugs her phone in & leaves the wires trailing all over. Having fitted this, she no longer causes a tripping hazard."

A third said: "Purchased two, excellent price, very useful. "

In other plug news... if you're thinking of going on holiday this year (or attempting to at least) you might want to take a leaf out of one savvy holidaymaker's book.

Instead of packing 5 plug adapters so you can use your electrical appliances abroad, Sasha, from Nottingham, posted on Twitter to tell people they should just chuck an extension lead in their case.

The woman's a genius.


She wrote online: "Am I the only person who takes an extension lead on holidays instead of taking a dozen plug adaptors?"

They do say the most simple ideas are the best and Sasha has surely hit the nail on the head with this neat little trick.

Maybe take a tiny plug shelf away as well.

Featured Image Credit: Wilko

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