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Woman Named Corona Says She's Received Abuse Because Of Her Name

Woman Named Corona Says She's Received Abuse Because Of Her Name

She says it's become more 'frustrating' having such an unusual name

A woman named Corona has spoken about what life is like since the coronavirus pandemic kicked off - and, as you can imagine, it's not a barrel of laughs.

Corona Newton, who lives in Oldham but is originally from Ireland, said she always got a bit of stick for her unusual name but since the pandemic things have gotten worse.


Corona, a civil servant, said: "It started when I went to a shop to buy some clothes, I told them my name and they fell over laughing. That's when I realised what I was in for.

"It got worse over the next few months, I went to a parents evening with my daughter and she introduced me to her teacher, which is when her teacher went white and started backing up.

"I used to always tell people I was named after the beer, or was a sponsor for them, but now it's a different game.

"I can't really book tables at restaurants because they never believe me when I tell them my name, they always think it's a prank.

"We have just been seeing the funny side of it, although it does get quite tiring sometimes if I'm trying to pay a bill or sign my name.


"I take in in my stride, my daughter has a right laugh about it because she calls me Corona now and not mum, and then tells her friends what my name is.

"Nobody ever believes me at first when I tell them, I went out for a bridal shower and when I arrived at the restaurant, the staff openly told me how funny they think my name is.

"They even admitted they kept emailing me because they were worried they received a false booking.

"At the end of the day, if it gives someone a laugh these days then I can accept it - we all have a lot of fun with it so other people can too."

Although Corona manages to see the funny side of the reactions her name garners, she has been subjected to abuse.

She added: "I have had some nasty calls as well, unknown numbers call me and ask me how it feels infecting the whole world. I don't even know where they get my number from.


"People call me, shout at me and then hang up, it's really strange.

"My name has no connection to the virus, I just got a bit unlucky when they gave it an official name."

It seems as though Corona's fun approach to dealing with her name is contagious (sorry) as her five kids also enjoy telling people their mum's real name.

Corona said: "My daughter thinks it's hilarious, she can't get enough of telling people my name."

She added: "We understand the virus isn't funny, but the virus has the same name as me, and if it just gives someone a little comic relief then I'm happy to put it out there."

Featured Image Credit: Caters

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