Woman Who 'Revenge Cheated' On Boyfriend Now Mistress To Several Wealthy Men

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Woman Who 'Revenge Cheated' On Boyfriend Now Mistress To Several Wealthy Men

A 26-year-old model who 'revenge cheated' on her boyfriend after discovering his infidelity has become a mistress to several wealthy men.

Lacey Jay, 26, discovered that her boyfriend was dating other women behind her back, and subsequently had a fling with a rich, married stockbroker ten years her senior.

Since then, she has had relationships with three other wealthy married men after meeting them through a dating site for people who want to cheat.


Miss Jay of Guildford, Surrey said: "I'm now addicted to having affairs. I've got a taste for richer older men now and I don't think I will be able to stop - and they are all men who wanted to embark on affairs before I came along.

Lacey Jay (Credit: Cavendish)
Lacey Jay (Credit: Cavendish)

''It all happened by accident when my boyfriend started cheating on me with a string of other girls. I suspected he was up to no good because he changed the pin on his phone and he started going out more frequently with his mates.

"I wanted to trust him but some friends tipped me off one night and I caught him red-handed with another girl.


"He promised he would not do it again and that he would remain faithful but still refused to give his phone pin so I could check who he had been speaking to. He is typical of men my own age - none of them can be trusted and they have no respect for women.

''They just treat us as sex objects. I think it is all down to the porn they watch all the time on their phones."

Lacey decided to see richer, older men, meeting them on, a dating website for married people. Since then, she's travelled on expensive breaks around Europe.

Miss Jay added: "I was stunned by the reaction. I had dozens and dozens of good looking and incredibly rich older men desperate to take me out. In the end I chose a stockbroker in his mids 30s who lived in London - he was married but had an open relationship with his wife.


"I guess I got a taste for the high life and It was nice to be with a man with good manners, courtesy and a few quid in his wallet. I'd rather dine in the Ivy restaurant than McDonald's.

"My lover was never going to stay faithful to me because he uses to have lots of affairs. I was fine with that because at least he wasn't lying to me like my ex-boyfriend. We stay in touch and I still see him whenever I am in London on modelling jobs."

''I don't see the harm in them enjoying some discreet sex and exciting dates. I am certainly not a home wrecker and would never date a man who had not been unfaithful before. I don't want to break up anyone's marriage - I just want to have some fun with men who treat me properly. I've had it with men of my own age."

Speaking about her other affairs, Jay said: "One is 35 and he runs his own marketing business. His wife had cheated on him early on in their relationship and he had never properly got over it and had had a few affairs of his own. He joined the site when their marriage was going through a bit of rocky patch.



''We went out and had a lot of fun and had some great sex. But he realised that he wanted to make a go of it with his wife and I am glad to say he has patched up his marriage.

"Another is 40 but he looks 15 years younger and is in amazing shape. He is a lawyer who doesn't believe in monogamy - he finds it impossible to stay faithful to any woman. I am one of several women he sees. This is just a case of pure lust. He is gorgeous."

''The third is 35 and had married his childhood sweetheart, the first woman he had ever slept with. He has been with her for 12 years and I think they are both realising that they were too young to settle down. They don't want to split up just yet but are keen to sleep with other people discreetly. He is a lot of fun and works in property."

Advert spokesman Christian Grant said that increasing numbers of young women in their 20s were joining the site because they were fed up with men their own age.

He said: "They want to be wined and dined and treated respectfully, and they are simply not getting that level of care from men their own age who are only interested in sex."

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