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You Can Track Santa Flying Over The UK On Christmas Eve

You Can Track Santa Flying Over The UK On Christmas Eve

The big man is on his annual trip around the world delivering presents to everyone

Father Christmas' festive preparations are now in full swing. With the help of his elves, he's loaded all of the presents on to his sleigh ready for everyone to go to bed before popping them underneath the Christmas tree.

But if your kids can't see Santa flying through the skies tonight, it's worth tuning into the official tracker.


But if you did fancy showing your little ones exactly where he is in the world before they go to bed (do you actually want them to sleep?) then it's worth having a look at the North American Aerospace Defense Command, otherwise known as NORAD. I have no idea why it isn't NAADC, but that's another matter altogether.

Maybe it'll put their young minds at ease knowing they've been able to track Santa's whereabouts before heading to the land of nod. It's very precise, in any case.

NORAD has been providing the service for many years which means it's pretty experienced in tracking the big man after building up a good and trustworthy relationship with him over time.

The organisation spends 364 days a year doing mundane stuff like checking for nuclear attacks, but on Christmas Eve, all eyes turn to the big LAD on the sleigh.

Around 1,500 volunteers are required on the day to answer more than 140,000 calls enquiring as to Santa's whereabouts.

As well as being able to place the exact location for Santa and his reindeer, you can also see how many gifts he's delivered in real time and it's enough to make your eyes water. No wonder he gets the rest of the year off - he deserves it, that's for sure.

Your little ones might be questioning how Santa manages to visit every home in just one day? Well, he ain't got time for any inefficient zig-zagging; he has a very clearly planned route. He's accustomed to the task by now.

He starts off delivering in the South Pacific before heading west over New Zealand and Australia. From there, he dashes across Asia, Africa and Europe, before zooming across to North America and finishing off the job in South America.

If he's going to make it to every house, he needs to cover an estimated 510,000,000km. To complete this vast route in such a limited time frame, his reindeers will need to pull him at a speed of 2,900km per second.

Ok, time for a Christmas Eve nap.

Featured Image Credit: PA

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