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20-Year-Old Asks Twitter For Advice They Wish They'd Had At His Age

20-Year-Old Asks Twitter For Advice They Wish They'd Had At His Age

Cameron Kasky asked and the internet answered

Rebecca Shepherd

Rebecca Shepherd

An open-minded 20-year-old activist has reached out to Twitter in a bid to educate himself on the advice people wish they'd have had when they were younger.

This really is one of those moments where the internet wins because many of the comments on Cameron Kasky's post are actually really informative and useful.

The suggestions range from financial guidance to not having everything figured out by the time you're a certain age - how refreshing, eh?

At the time of writing, Cameron's post has racked up over 10,000 likes with nearly 5,000 comments from people from all over the world.

Always have a mate that will support you when you've had one too many...

In one comment, someone wrote: "There will probably be a period where it feels like u have no idea what to do with your life and everyone else around you seems like they've got their s*** together. They don't. just do what feels right and eventually you'll find it. your first job won't be your last."

Another added: "This may not be insightful, but start saving and don't get into debt. Save a little every month, and don't pay interest on anything, which means don't buy anything you can't afford. I wish I had been told that at 20. Not that money is that important, being independent is."

A third person explained: "30 isn't old. Everyone thinks their 20s are supposed to be the best decade. 30s are significantly better than your 20s." This gives me hope.

Someone else wrote: "Travel outside of your own country and absorb as much as you can about different cultures and religions. This gave me a better understanding of the world.

"Keep your happiness as a top priority," said another, adding: "Nobody can or will give it an appropriate amount of consideration, except you. And being unhappy can really f*** everything else up in a lot of ways."

Giving some more sound advice, someone else wrote: "Be yourself. Don't bother to try fitting in. Travel. Take care of your body."

Does anyone else feel like they really needed to read these as well?

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