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Man Banned From Gym For 'Filming Woman' But Some Say Person Who Caught Him Is Wrong

Rebecca Shepherd

| Last updated 

Man Banned From Gym For 'Filming Woman' But Some Say Person Who Caught Him Is Wrong

A man has been banned from the gym for allegedly filming a woman during her work out. He was caught after another gym-goer recorded him and reported it - now some people are saying she's just as bad. Here's the video:


The woman noticed what the 'creep' was doing and took her own video of the unidentified guy who can be seen using his mobile to record footage from a fitness machine without the consent of the woman he was filming.

Posting on her TikTok account (@anneli.k8) she wrote: "LADIES WE NEED TO LOOK OUT FOR EACHOTHER. i told the girl and notified staff," before adding on the video: "when guys ask why girls need a girls only gym..."

According to the TikToker, staff at the Oklahoma fitness centre have banned the man for his inappropriate behaviour but that didn't stop people questioning her actions.

Credit: TikTok/anneli.k8
Credit: TikTok/anneli.k8

The clip, which has been watched over 1.8 million times, was hit with comments from people who called out Anneli for filming the bloke.

One said: "I mean you're doing the exact same thing to him, doesn't make it any way, shape or form less creepier."

Another added: "And you recording him ain't no different." Some people just don't get it, do they?

A third wrote: "I don't understand! You are doing what you claim he is doing. So it's ok for you to do it but not him?"

BRB, just going to slam my head off the wall for 15 minutes.

Credit: TikTok
Credit: TikTok

Defending Anneli, one person commented: "Men: This never happens! Women: *record literal proof of it happening in order to not be dismissed again*. Men: Well you're recording him now too, so!"

Another said: "Gentlemen. The difference between her recording and his is that she's not gonna go home, light candles, and break out the lotion to watch it..."

Hitting back herself, Anneli wrote: "It's plain and simple. I recorded him so I have proof to report and avoid ppl [people] (like all y'all in the comments) saying 'it didn't happen'. Open ur eyes."

In a follow up clip, she went on to say: "Let me break this down for you guys because apparently you need it which just blows my mind.

"So I'm doing my workout, just doing my set, whatever. I see this man is in front of me, I can only see his back side, his phone is in my eyesight and he is repeatedly taking pictures, videos, whatever of this girl - zoomed in.

"Yes it's a girl, I was there, it's not a guy that he is recording for form. It's not a soccer game."

She went on to add: "So I catch him in the act, I have proof and I stop my set to go show this girl." She explains that the woman is 'freaked out' because she doesn't know who the man is.

Anneli went on to say that the woman grabbed her belongings and left the gym.

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/@anneli.k8

Topics: Viral, Gym, Community, Weird

Rebecca Shepherd
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