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Amazon Customer Stunned By Chopping Board's X-Rated Design

Amazon Customer Stunned By Chopping Board's X-Rated Design

An Amazon customer was given a naughty surprise when a chopping board she ordered came with a hidden X-rated design.

The twin set of chopping boards looked a great choice for the shopper, priced at $14.99 (£11.40) and boasting a 4.5 star customer rating.

They also have a 'marble finish' - however, the shopper did not expect this 'finish' to resemble a great big willy...

Oh dear. Credit: Twitter/@tbcstan
Oh dear. Credit: Twitter/@tbcstan

Yep, that's clearly a big old c**k - something you never want to see on a chopping board.

Worse still, it makes cross-contamination between meat and veg completely unavoidable.

Thankfully, a friend of the phallic chopping board purchaser shared the story on Twitter, and unsurprisingly people really enjoyed it, with the tweet receiving more than 330,000 likes.


One Twitter user was so envious of the chopping board she decided to buy one herself, though she was disappointed with what she received:

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Who'd have thought a lack of vein detail could leave a customer unsatisfied with their chopping board?

But it is the customer who received the penis-y chopping board who is entitled to be aggrieved, as the product description makes no mention of the d**k design.


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It reads: "Our set of two kitchen cutting boards are the inexpensive and simple solution to keep cutting meats and fruits and vegetables or meats and cheeses separately.

"Keep bacteria from meat away from your fruits and vegetables when using one colour cutting board for meats and one colour cutting board for fruits, vegetables or cheeses.

"Crafted from a strong plastic, our BPA-free cutting boards provide a hypoallergenic food prep surface for every meal. Set of Two with Handles and in Marble Finish."

See, no mention of a penis print whatsoever. And while 330,000 people clearly found the c**k chopping board hilarious, the customer evidently didn't, as she shared a photo of the chopping board in a three-star Amazon review entitled 'Disappointed'.


It reads: "I just ordered these cutting boards and this is what I received. Not as described at all."

Given that the purchase came with a massive unexpected k**b on it, three stars is quite generous isn't it?

LADbible has contacted Amazon and Lily's Home for comment.

Featured Image Credit: Amazon

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