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Aussie Couple Hold World's First Ever Krispy Kreme Wedding

Aussie Couple Hold World's First Ever Krispy Kreme Wedding

The pair met while waiting for the first Krispy Kreme store to open in South Australia and even got engaged there as well.

Stewart Perrie

Stewart Perrie

Every couple has that thing that is uniquely theirs.

While they might share their love of strawberries, Iron Maiden, the colour blue or history with other people out there, the couple's bond over that one thing is their thing.

So when Blake and Brooke were organising their wedding, they didn't skip a beat when they decided to involve Krispy Kreme in their celebrations

Krispy Kreme

They met when the doughnut empire opened the first store in South Australia. Blake caught Brooke's eye while they were waiting for the doors to open and they sparked up a conversation.

"I went down to Krispy Kreme that night not looking for anything except some delicious doughnuts, until I saw Brooke just ahead of me in the line. She had bright red hair, and I thought she was gorgeous," Blake said.

"I knew I had to talk to her. I went up to her and said 'I sent you a message on Facebook', which had gone to her spam folder! I sat down and we talked for the next 9.5 hours, getting to know one another."

That was back in 2014 and Blake decided to call on Krispy Kreme again when he wanted to propose.

He organised four heart-shaped doughnuts to say: "Will You Marry Me."

Blake got down on one knee in the same store they met and asked Brooke to spend the rest of his life with her...and she said yes.

Krispy Kreme

So it was a no-brainer for them to include the very store they met in their wedding celebrations, which were held yesterday.

Doughnuts were handed out to wedding guests after the ceremony at the Adelaide Botanic Gardenbefore the newlyweds visited the store for a few wedding photos.

When asked what the guests thought of their little doughnut inclusion, Blake told Channel 7 that they were really supportive because they knew how much Krispy Kreme meant to them and their relationship.

Who knows what the future might hold for B+B, they might even welcome a little baby in the South Australian store when the time comes.

Featured Image Credit: Krispy Kreme

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