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Aussie Man Sparks Almighty Fight With Driver After Sitting In Parking Spot

Aussie Man Sparks Almighty Fight With Driver After Sitting In Parking Spot

It's an age old situation: you're driving around looking for a parking spot, only to find someone nab it at the last second.

As a way to get around that, sometimes people will send their trusty passenger to hold the fort while the driver makes their way to it.

If another car comes, nine times out of 10 the passenger will hop out of the way and let the best driver win. That's the rules. But we've been given a glimpse into what happens in that one out of 10 scenarios and it isn't pretty.

Credit: Instagram
Credit: Instagram

A driver in Perth, Australia saw what they thought was the perfect parking spot and sent a man in to hold it until the car arrived. Sadly for them, a different vehicle rocked up and tried to claim it fair and square, however the man holding it had other ideas.

He sat on the ground and refused to move. While some people might keep up this charade for a minute or two before getting bored, this bloke held on strong.

The driver of the car that wanted to claim the spot even tried to nudge the man with their vehicle but the bloke wasn't having any of it.

A video of the incident was posted onto social media, with the original poster writing: "Made my day. Lad refusing to give up the car park he's reserving in the Mullaloo Beach Hotel car park."


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It was posted onto the Bell Tower Times Facebook page and people flocked to the comments to side with the man or the driver.

One person wrote: "This is absolute bullshit. I can't believe people have the nerve to save spots like this, it angers me every time I see it. First in best dressed. Should've given him a nudge for sure."


Another added: "I've got hours for people like that. Handbrake, select park and wait."

A third said: "I think good on him. Person is coming with a car and he has reserved the spot and it is his. If he's standing there reserving it then it's his spot."

There's no word on what happened after the photo was taken. Did the man win or the driver of the car? Who knows; guess this will be one of those stories where you just won't get to know the ending.

But take this is a lesson that plonking your backside on the ground won't guarantee you a parking spot.

Featured Image Credit: Instagram

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