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People Are Organising A Reunion 10 Years After Corey Worthington’s Epic Party

People Are Organising A Reunion 10 Years After Corey Worthington’s Epic Party

Dust off your bug-eye, yellow sunnies and furry hoodies because a 10-year reunion for Corey Worthington's intense 2008 Myspace party could be on the cards. The infamous party looked like the inspiration for the comedy film Project X, when about 500 people rampaged through the streets of Narre Warren, Victoria in January when Corey was just 16.

The small soiree, unsurprisingly, spiralled out of control, and people started destroying cars and neighbour's properties and anything else in their path.

The story made headlines around the country; but it wasn't until Worthington appeared on Channel 9's A Current Affair when he was enshrined in Australia's history.


Credit: Channel 9/A Current Affair

Acting like an absolute brat, he told the TV host that he kept rejecting his parents calls because 'they'd probably try to kill me' and refused to take off his glasses and apologise. Nearly a decade since that ill-fated night and subsequent interview, people want to celebrate all over again with a Corey Worthington reunion.

While his original party attracted hundreds of people, there are thousands of people intending on going to this new gathering. No specific location has been set, but the organiser is planning on holding in Narre Warren (haven't they suffered enough?) again.

But if the Facebook event is anything to go by, they're putting some serious star power behind the party.


The organiser says: "Still sorting out entertainment for the night, at the moment we've locked in some big names from that era that have stood the test of time; Operator Please, The Potbelleez, Sam Sparro, Gabriella Cilmi and DJs will be spinning the Ministry of Sound 2008 annual."

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That could be utter bullshit, but if it's true, then that is a fairly decent line-up for some 2008 nostalgia.

Corey Worthington party
Corey Worthington party

Credit: Facebook


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Corey has certainly grown out of his trademark yellow glasses and hair.

He appeared on Big Brother and even released a single, which was a cover of the Beastie Boys' Fight for Your Right (to party). He set up the company Not Sorry Entertainment (very apt name) and was married in Bali two years ago.

He appeared again on A Current Affair in 2015, saying: "I will never let it go. I was 16, had fun and yeah, I always will have the yellow sunnies close to heart.

"There was a lot of up and down times with it all, but like I said 16 turning 17 it was a lot of fun I guess for someone that age. Getting cameras thrown at your face, money left right and centre, it was, yeah, a big enjoyment, I sort of just took the ride and just enjoyed it really."


The big reunion set for January 8, and police will probably be hoping that it doesn't replica what was seen 10 years ago.

Featured Image Credit: Channel 9/A Current Affair

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