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This Guy Had A Savage Response To Having His Parking Space Stolen

Chris Ogden

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This Guy Had A Savage Response To Having His Parking Space Stolen

Finding the right parking space at home or at work is like developing a perfect ass groove in a chair - once you've chosen your spot, you can't imagine plonking yourself anywhere else.

So if someone comes along and steals your space - particularly if you've forked out money on getting a private one of your own - it's understandable if you might be a bit pissed off.

Yet one Reddit user's response to having his car parking space stolen ten days in a row was another level of fiendish, albeit in an extremely funny way.



Writing in Reddit's r/prorevenge sub, the man (known as Goalnado) based in north London, England explained how he parks every day in a small car park behind his work, which he rents for £1,200 ($1,700) a year.

However, one day this past winter he was annoyed to find a new car parked in his space - every single day for the next ten days. Despite leaving messages on the car and even blocking it in during the day, the new intruder refused to budge.

"After about 10 days I had completely lost my shit, and started to formulate a plan as to how best to fuck the person over," the user wrote.

"I contemplated phoning the parking company, who would have come and issued the person a ticket (they have our reg numbers, so they know which cars belong there), but I didn't think that was a strong enough response."

The plan the guy eventually came up with was gold, and fell into place after one of his colleagues went away on paternity leave and his brother flew away on holiday to Canada.

That temporarily meant he had not only a spare car but also a spare parking space with which to concoct the perfect revenge.

"I waited until as late as possible on Friday evening, before parking my brothers car directly behind my space, blocking the guy's car in," the man wrote.

"I then proceeded to phone the parking company, and gave them my brothers registration, to ensure that his car wouldn't be touched the entire time it was parked.

"I also made sure to mention that there has been a red Ford Fiesta Zetec that keeps parking illegally, and that maybe they should come on Monday to issue them a ticket."

The following Monday, as the man arrived at work, the plan had already worked as he found an 'extremely irate, sweaty man' arguing with a parking officer for giving him a ticket, even though his car obviously couldn't move.

The officer explained to the thief that not only was the car blocking him in entirely legit, but because he was parked illegally in the first place it didn't matter that he could and now had to pay a £100 ($140) fine.

"At this point, I am crying with laughter and really struggled to hold it together when they asked if I knew who owned my brother's car. Sadly, I didn't," the man explained.

Credit: PA
Credit: PA

The officer went on to say that the only way the thief could remove the car would be to find the owner and get them to move it. Do you think the Reddit user did? Did he 'eckers like.

He went on to park in his colleague's parking space, leaving the thief to face another £100 fine. The trapped car ended up there for another month, with the parking company turning up 18 more times and leaving the thief facing charges of at least £2,000 ($2,830). Jesus, that's cold.

Yet that wasn't enough revenge for the guy. He continued to leave his brother's car there even when his colleague got back from leave, opting to park somewhere else just to let the thief suffer.

"I parked my car a ten minute walk away just to ensure this fucker got what he deserved," he said. "I didn't care that it inconvenienced me, I just wanted retribution."

As soon as his brother got back from holiday, the pair finally got around to moving his car. Unsurprisingly, the parking space thief hasn't been seen since.

How's that for payback

Featured Image Credit: PA

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Chris Ogden
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