Bob Marley Sing-A-Long Helps Brighten Morning Train Commute

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Bob Marley Sing-A-Long Helps Brighten Morning Train Commute

There's very little that is proven to perk you up on a Monday morning.

After a Jager-filled weekend, with a side smattering of vomit and take away food, catching public transport into work is not what you want to be doing.

But if there's one man who can ease the pain, it's the late Bob Marley.

Recently, Liverpool fans, myself included, have taken to singing Three Little Birds, on the assumption that next year, will in fact be our year (it won't).


A group of people in Western Australia, on their morning commute, applied the same technique for the upcoming working week. I mean, if the words 'don't worry about a thing, because every little thing, is gonna' be alright' doesn't sort you out, what will?

Peter Sharp kick-started the performance by uploading a video to his YouTube channel of how to start a train sing-a-long, as part of the World's Biggest Sing-a-long.

Richard Glass posted a video of the events on Twitter.


Someone armed with a ukulele boarded the train at Fremantle line train at Claremont Station, and everyone else was invited to sing their hearts out.

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