Brits Mock Viral Video Of American 'Icing' Girlfriend On Their First Meet

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Social media platforms provide us all with a global community in which we can share and discuss all that is beautiful and funny in cultures across the world.

But inevitably, these cultures sometimes clash, and it seems Americans and Brits have clashed over a viral video of a woman 'icing' her girlfriend when they first met.

If you're on the British side of the Atlantic, then you may only know icing as the stuff that goes on top of cakes. However, in the US it is a popular drinking game, whereby someone reveals a bottle of Smirnoff Ice to another, who then must kneel and down it.

Meagan Garza, from Austin, Texas, decided a little icing might be a nice way to introduce herself for the first time to her now girlfriend, Shelby Kyser.

Meagan, 24, posted a video of the icing on Twitter, along with the caption: "I iced my girlfriend the first time we ever met and she should have known from that day on that this would never be a boring relationship.."

The video has since been viewed more than 3.4 million times, but it seems the notion of downing a 4 percent bottle of sweetened booze is neither exciting or impressive to those accustomed to Britain's drinking culture.

The icy introduction did the trick, as they have now been in a relationship for a year and a half. Credit: Twitter/Meaday Parade

Commenting on the video, one person said: "In Scotland we drink them before playing soccer. Grow up."

Another added: "This is a children's drink in the UK you would get rinsed for doing this. We chug straight vodka if someone gives us £5 lol."

A third said: "My nanna gave me Smirnoff Ice when I was like 10. Jeez these Yanks are embarrassing themselves."

But while a bit of transatlantic banter is all well and good, some people - as per usual - overstepped the mark.

Speaking to LADbible, Meagan said: "When I first posted the video, it took off as I expected, everyone thought it was cute and funny. But, somehow it really took off internationally. Specifically, in Great Britain, and not in a positive way.

Meagan's response to the backlash from Brits on Twitter. Credit: Twitter/Meaday Parade

"I've received several messages and comments since then basically saying that America sucks, we're softies, and plenty of British slang/profanities... all on the basis of a video that was meant to portray my spontaneity with my girlfriend?

"I've even had a guy stalk all my information and threaten to 'swat' my house. At first, we would respond with playful, troll-like comments, but it became overbearing so I muted the tweet."

But while the innocence of the video may have been tainted somewhat, the icy introduction did the trick, as Meagan and Shelby have now been together for a year and a half.

Shelby saw it off without hesitation. Credit: Twitter/Meaday Parade

Meagan said: "It's a common college/young adult tradition to 'ice' someone. It's fun for the prankster, but annoying for the pranked person because the drink itself isn't all that great. It's sugary, it's sweet, and it's carbonated, which is a perfect recipe for a bad ending to your night - if you continue to drink heavily.

"I did it because I was thinking I could make the first time I meet her memorable. I knew she'd expect something sweet, like a hug or a kiss and introducing her to all my friends, but I knew she wouldn't expect to down an awful, sugary beverage - there were more hidden around the hotel room, too.

"The rest of the weekend went great, we had some fun times with my friends, who absolutely loved Shelby."

So, even factoring in the online abuse, the icing seems to have been worthwhile. After all, love is the most important thing... regardless of whether it's fostered with Smirnoff Ice or Buckfast.

Featured Image Credit: Twitter/Meaday Parade

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