UK Government Furlough Scheme Is Set To Be Extended Until September

UK Government Furlough Scheme Is Set To Be Extended Until September

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Dan Bilzerian Savages Trophy Hunters On Twitter

Dan Bilzerian Savages Trophy Hunters On Twitter

Dan Bilzerian has blasted men who take part in so-called 'trophy hunting', implying that they may be compensating for something.

Professional poker player and prolific Instagrammer Bilzerian took to Twitter to post: "Shooting animals for trophy's is for dude with small dicks #EatWhatYouKill". (sic)

What penis size has to do with whether or not you hunt, I don't know, but his post has since been retweeted over 5,500 times and liked almost 20,000.


His post comes days after US president Donald Trump put his controversial decision to lift a ban preventing people from bringing animal parts into the US from African hunting trips.

The president faced a severe backlash after announcing he would be allowing people to apply for permits from the US Fish and Wildlife Service so they could bring back 'lion trophies' from Zambia and Zimbabwe. However, just days later he tweeted to say he was putting the decision on hold until he reviewed all the facts.

Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke issued a statement, saying: "President Trump and I have talked and both believe that conservation and healthy herds are critical. As a result, in manner compliant with all applicable laws, rules, and regulations the issuing of permits is being put on hold as the decision is being reviewed."

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The US Fish and Wildlife Service says the decision to allow people to apply for permits would help the survival of endangered species. A spokesperson told ABC News that it had found that 'legal, well-regulated sport hunting' can encourage local communities to set up conservation programmes.


Dan Bilzerian Takes Picture Acting Out Donald Trump's 'Grab 'Em By The Pussy'

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On the other side of the argument, Wayne Pacelle, president of the Humane Society of the United States, told the Guardian: "This all suggests that rather than being the protectors of wildlife, the federal government is now a promoter of trophy hunting.

"They are rolling out the red carpet to the next Walter Palmer, and that same sort of situation will happen all over again."


Walter Palmer hit headlines around the world after he killed 'Cecil the lion' in 2015 at a nature reserve in Zimbabwe. He had a permit and was never charged with any crime, however, conservationists, animal lovers and even a bunch of celebrities responded with outrage.

Sources: ABC News; Guardian

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