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NFL-Star Has Perfect Response To Mia Khalifa Tweet

NFL-Star Has Perfect Response To Mia Khalifa Tweet

This is brilliant.

Claire Reid

Claire Reid

Mia Khalifa was quickly shut down by NFL-star JuJu Smith-Schuster after she called him her 'new favourite follow on Twitter'.

Followers of Mia might know that she has a bit of a reputation for sharing DMs from sports stars who attempt to chat her up on social media. A warning about it is probably part of any NFL player's induction process these days, and if not, it should be.

So, 20-year-old JuJu was determined not to become another statistic when the sports-writer and former adult-entertainment star got in touch.

Mia innocently sent a tweet to the star saying: "You are my new favourite follow on twitter."

Only for Juju to respond: "Oh hell nah, I'm not fallin for this lol. I'm young not stupid".

Those in the know congratulated JuJu for his response:

Meanwhile, Mia responded by asking Smith's Steelers' teammate, Le'Veon Bell, to 'come get your mans'.

Before adding this:

So, looks like Mia got the last word, then.

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/Mia Khalifa

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