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Couple Have Thrown A Budget Wedding Costing Less Than £400

Couple Have Thrown A Budget Wedding Costing Less Than £400

Kaitlin Howard and her husband Matthew had to postpone their wedding due to the coronavirus but they still wanted to celebrate their big day

A couple have thrown a budget wedding for just £388 after their big day had to be postponed due to the coronavirus:

Like many others across the globe, Emily Howard and her husband Matthew received the news that their original wedding date would be no more but that didn't stop them celebrating anyway.

The couple decided to 'elope' and ended up having a socially distanced event on 16 July which was put together with some quick-thinking solutions - including making a veil using AUD $7 (£3.80/USD $5) fabric and snapping up a last minute bridal gown.

Speaking to, 23-year-old Kaitlin said: "To be honest, it is quite a weird feeling. I never expected my wedding to be like this.

"We didn't know how long this was going to last and we really just wanted to get married so we made the last minute decision to elope."

Kaitlin's sister sorted the flowers.

According to the publication, Kaitlin and Matthew, who live in Brisbane, Australia, had already spent more than AUD $4,000 (£2,200 /USD $2,840) on a hand-made wedding dress and forked out AUD $20,000 (£11,000 / USD $14,200) on the venue.

So rather than putting even more money towards a lavish ceremony, they tied the knot at their local park, down the road from their home and have pushed their official reception back to New Year's Eve where they will be with their original 110 guests.

Kaitlin used to be a make-up artist.

Posting a video on TikTok about the budget wedding, Kaitlin explained: "My original dress was still being made so I had to buy one online and went for this Shona Joy slip.

"Next we had to find a location, which had to be a park because of Covid, so we went for a park five minutes down the road. Matt was actually going to propose to me here.

"Next on the list was a veil and Spotlight coming through with $7 material."

The veil.

She went on: "This was my hen night, we watched the Lizzie McGuire Movie and just had so much fun.

"So now it's my wedding morning and my sister's making my flowers, look how good they look.

"I did my own make-up the morning of, I used to be a make-up artist so that worked out well.

"We then had a little reception with just direct family.

"We're still throwing a wedding number two later on in the year with all our friends and family, but this was the most special day of my life."

Congrats guys - have a great second wedding.

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/umkaitlin

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