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Couple Try To Take Wholesome Pub Photo And Fight Breaks Out

Couple Try To Take Wholesome Pub Photo And Fight Breaks Out

George Ezra has even commented on the video after noticing that his song was playing in the boozer

Rebecca Shepherd

Rebecca Shepherd

This is the moment a couple tried to take a wholesome picture in a Belfast pub as a fight broke out behind them:

Courtney McClatchey was sat posing for a picture (which was actually a video) when a fight broke out behind.

Around two seconds into the video playing, a man can be seen grabbing another with some words being exchanged before one of them grabs one by the neck.

From there it all goes down hill while Courtney and the guy she's with continue smiling towards the camera.

Nothing to see here...

A few people end up getting involved in the scrap which broke out at The Royal Bar on Sandy Row in Belfast on 24 October.

Before long, people are on the floor and finally the pair having their picture taken realise something is going on behind them.

Turning round, Courtney clearly can't believe what's happening and covers her mouth as she looks over at the camera.

At one stage as the men are on the floor, someone grabs one of their legs as if to drag them off somewhere.


If you haven't already noticed, the music being played in the boozer is a little George Ezra tune called 'Shotgun'.

The 28-year-old has since tweeted his approval - well, maybe not so much approval - saying: "Nice to know my music makes people really FEEL."

That it does.

Incredibly, people have started to change the lyrics of his song with one person writing: "Fists fly by in the black and the blue," while another added: "Stick around and one will hit you."

A third continued the song: "There's a fist to the bake that I'm dreaming of if you need me you'll know where I'll be."

Someone else commented on the video: "Some people just can't control their passion for you!"


Others took the opportunity to figure out what the fellas were rowing and brawling about.

One said: "They were arguing who was putting the next quid in the jukebox," while another suggested: "They are fighting to get to the mute button..."

Ok now it's awkward.

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/courtneymcclatche

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