Dad Asks Son To Photoshop Man Out Of Background, Internet Responds


Dad Asks Son To Photoshop Man Out Of Background, Internet Responds

It's safe to say parents and technology don't usually mix too well - in fact all of us probably have an example or two up our sleeve.

So when Paul McDonnell received a text from his dad which simply asked him to 'take out man in background', he was left pretty stumped as to why his dad thought he was capable of doing so.

Paul, from County Kildare, Ireland, took to Twitter to to share his dad's request.


Paul - who has a worrying 34 unread messages, we see them - told Twitter: "I don't know what Dad thinks I do for a living, I'm neither a hit man nor have the ability to photoshop."

In true Twitter fashion, the responses were brilliant. There were snipers, guns and balaclavas.


Someone even turned the innocent picture into a gunshot GIF:


While some picked up on Paul's dad's lack of manners, others were quick to defend his request.

One wrote: "Maybe he was letting you know he order food and that's the delivery guy/take out man."


Another added: "Maybe he's trying to set you up," someone else agreed with the possibility, writing: "You misunderstand, your dad wants you to take the guy out for a date, a nice dinner, maybe a movie and ice cream after..."

Someone else suggested: "You should message him back & say, 'Okay, he's dead. Anything else?'."

Another replied: "Don't worry 'bout it. He'll be sleeping with the fishes."


One person told Paul: "You're dad is forever famous," to which he replied: "My timeline is just going to be tweets about him from now on."

We're not complaining, keep them coming.

You can follow Paul on Instagram here.

Featured Image Credit: Twitter/@paulmcdonnell88

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