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Dad Reacts After Daughter Tells Him She Spent £60 On 'Premium Air' For Tyres

Dad Reacts After Daughter Tells Him She Spent £60 On 'Premium Air' For Tyres

Kerri decided to prank her dad, leaving him a voice note explaining she'd just spent £60 getting her tyres inflated

Rebecca Shepherd

Rebecca Shepherd

This is the priceless reaction from a dad who thought his daughter had just been robbed blind to get some air put in her tyres:

Kerri told her old man she'd forked out €70 (£60/$80) for someone to put air in her car tyres for her at the garage.

Speaking over voice notes, he responded in the best way possible and at one stage asked his daughter: "Are you f****** simple?"

Kerri posted the exchange on to TikTok (@kerrimitchellxo) and up to now it's had over 1.4 million views. She captioned the post: "Hahahahahhahahahaha screaming enjoy." Oh, we will.

Setting up the prank in her first message, Kerri said: "I paid €70 to get air in me tyres, is that good?"

Falling for it immediately, he said: "€70 to get air in your tyres? There's something wrong with you? How did you pay 70 f****** euro to get air in your tyres? You don't pay for that, you f****** head case."

In another message, Kerri's dad said: "You sound like you've air in your bleedin' head. Hope you're not on the joints or you'll be getting slapped the next time I see you."

In the comments, Kerri confirmed she was not in fact 'on the joints'.


Not letting it drop, her dad sent a third voice note, saying: "€70, are you winding me up? €70 to get someone to put air in your tyres, there's seriously something wrong with you. Seriously lacking a few f****** air cells in your brain."

Taking things up a notch or two, and very convincingly so, Kerri said: "Yeah, because one of the back tyres went flat so I was like 'ok grand, I'll go to the garage and get it done'.

"Then the fella behind the counter was saying there's premium air... so like I paid him 70€ to do it."

Hearing just about enough of his daughter's s***, Kerri's dad replied: "Premium air? Are you f****** simple? Premium air, what f**** sort. Listen, there's only one kind of air, that's the f****** air that you breathe.

"Air is air, it pumps up a tyre. I hope you didn't give someone 70 quid. In fact, actually, what garage did you go to to get the air in?"

People found the conversation comedy gold, with one writing: "You hear the rage build which made this even better when you said premium air I fell around the place."

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/@kerrimitchellxo

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