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Dad's 'Cruel' Method For Making Kids Behave At Christmas Sparks Outrage

Dad's 'Cruel' Method For Making Kids Behave At Christmas Sparks Outrage

The TikTok user shared the tip so that other people can keep their little ones in order during the festive period

Rebecca Shepherd

Rebecca Shepherd

A dad has gone viral thanks to his parenting methods when it comes to making sure his kids are behaving themselves over the festive period and it's left some people unhappy. If you're interested though, you can watch his advice here:

The TikTok dad, who goes by the username @bennyg7070, wrote on the video-sharing platform: "Christmas is coming, and here is a sure fire way to ensure your little darlings behaving proper."

In the video, captions read: "With Christmas approaching, here is a top tip for parents. Wrap up some empty boxes and pretend that they are presents.

"Then each time one of those little f****** misbehaves, chuck one on to the fire."

The video shows the fire door being opened and a wrapped up box being thrown inside before the door is closed behind.


Replying to his video, some people didn't seem best pleased with the suggestion. One wrote: "How to cause trauma to children."

Another added: "My parents did something very similar. Now I can't make myself comfortable with an idea of gifts. I always feel I don't deserve them."

A third commented: "If you need to do this to get your kids to behave, then the issue is NOT with the kids."

Someone else said: "I really wish this type of 'discipline' would just be done and over. This hurts your child on such a deep emotional level. Discipline with love."


Others couldn't figure out what the problem was though. One commented: "It's sad these 'that's abuse' people are gonna be raising the next generation."

Another wrote: "I've come to the conclusion people calling this trauma and abuse are actually brain dead."

Someone else added: "LOL! The people on here calling this abuse [laughing face emojis]. Y'all didn't grow up in the 80's & 90's - and it shows!"

Explaining their reasoning for not being on board with the parenting technique, one wrote: "Burning presents when they misbehave teaches [sic] them to only care to be good to get things, and they won't care about actually being good."

Another simply said: "This is why your kids leave at 18 and don't come back."

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/bennyg7070

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