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Dog 'Deliberately' Takes Huge Dump In Nurse's £110 UGG Shoes

Dog 'Deliberately' Takes Huge Dump In Nurse's £110 UGG Shoes

'He just looked at me. No remorse or shame about it.'

Jake Massey

Jake Massey

A nurse in the US was given an early Christmas present from her dog Henry.

Bailey Swagerty, from Wichita Falls, Texas, was putting up Christmas decorations when her 10-year-old Pitbull Labrador mix took the opportunity to leave a decoration of his own in her favourite $150 (£111) UGG shoes.

This is not the first time the sh*tbull has done a crap where he shouldn't have, but even by his standards this was shocking.

Bailey Swagerty

Speaking to LADbible, 25-year-old Bailey said: "Henry has a knack for pooping in places he probably shouldn't, but the shoe was definitely a new one.

"He regularly poops on paths in the backyard rather than the grass.

"He's pooped in the water bowl, the garage, and essentially every room in the house at some point.

"He's very well potty-trained, but I truly think he does it to express when he's angry. The day of the shoe poop we were putting Christmas decorations up outside and I think he was expressing his discontent for him not being able to join."

Indeed, with the pooch's protest poop perfectly filling the posh slipper, it's hard to see how this could've been an accident. Bailey, for one, is convinced it was a dirty protest.

A shameless crime.
Bailey Swagerty
Merry Christmas.
Bailey Swagerty

She said: "Usually Henry is a very guilty dog. If he gets in the trashcan I know he's done it before I even see the mess. He'll look at you and just roll over onto his back.

"When I happened upon the shoe I asked 'Henry did you do this?!', and he just looked at me.

"No remorse or shame about it. I truly believe it was deliberate."

It's hardly what Bailey deserved this festive season, given she's spent the year working on the frontline of a Covid unit.

But despite Henry's countless turdy tantrums, Bailey still has a lot of love for him.

Henry the shoe pooer.
Bailey Swagerty

She said: "I've had him since October 2015. He was a stray that my sister found walking down the street.

"After several months of looking for anyone who might claim him she decided to foster him through a rescue, but I'd already fallen in love with him so I adopted him."

Featured Image Credit: Bailey Swagerty

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