Experts Warn Against Training Jaw After TikToker Goes Viral

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Experts Warn Against Training Jaw After TikToker Goes Viral

Experts have warned against using jaw trainers to create stronger facial features, after a TikTok user went viral when he revealed his astonishing results. Watch him below:


Last week, model Luca Marchesi posted a video which showed him chewing on a plastic-looking contraption.

In another shot, he then proudly showed off the results.


However, we now have expert testimony on the issue, with a doctor warning people not to follow Marchesi's lead, instead advising that growing these muscles could cause more serious problems.

Dr Martina Hodgson, a dentist and Invisalign doctor at The Dental Studio, told Metro: "Over-developed masseter muscles - whether unintentional through teeth clenching, grinding or deliberate - can cause problems such as migraines and TMJ or temporomandibular joint pain.

"These are the muscles that connect the jawbone to the cheekbone and help us to chew, so an over-development in this region is not advised."

But there may be a way to fix the new shape, if Marchesi decides it's not for him anymore.

Credit: lucamarchesi_lm/TikTok
Credit: lucamarchesi_lm/TikTok

Dr Martina added: "The usual way to treat this condition is to offer a course of Botox injections which will first help to relax the muscles and then reduce inflammation, easing the pressure and assisting with comfortable chewing which in turn will relieve jaw pain and migraines."

Not everyone was impressed by Marchesi's jawline after the video went viral last week.

One user joked: "Gonna turn into a triangle soon if you don't calm down."


Others compared his unique look to Alvin from Alvin and the Chipmunks, a Dorito and a bike seat.

It's this sort of response - despite the video gaining 1.8 million views, and his account amassing more than 910k followers - that has seen Marchesi threaten to close his account.

He said in a more recent clip: "I wanted to make a short announcement.

"I intend to close this TikTok account.


"I'm sorry for everyone who follows me, but by now out of five comments I get, four are insults or criticisms.

"We had fun together but it doesn't make sense to continue."

In a previous interview he told Webboh he weighed 104kg at 18 years old.

"It was not a good time, as I had just broken up with my girlfriend, which made me feel that she no longer liked me physically and that I had grown too big," he said.


"A few months later I started going to some fashion agencies.

"I remember that I shot at at least five or six, and they all rejected me because I was too big and had a face that was too round."

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/Luca Marchesi

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