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Facebook Group That Keeps Track Of Wetherspoon Chip Portions Goes Viral

Facebook Group That Keeps Track Of Wetherspoon Chip Portions Goes Viral

Some people have even taken a measuring tape to the pub to check the size of their chips

Claire Reid

Claire Reid

A Facebook page dedicated to counting the number of chips served with their Wetherspoon meal has gone viral.

The imaginatively named 'Wetherspoons paltry chip count' has more than 20,000 members who use the page to share their chip counts with each other, while some even go the further step and whip out a measuring tape to get a more detailed record of what they've been served up. I promise you, I'm not joking.

Facebook/Wetherspoons paltry chip count

Scrolling through the updates, a guy called Sam got a not too shabby 30 chips alongside his buttermilk chicken burger, but added that 'some of them were small though and didn't count as chips' in his eyes - nonetheless he reckons it wasn't 'too bad' although he was a bit disappointed about the size of some of them.

But if Sam reckons he had it bad, a bloke called Adam got served just 12 chips with his burger, with one fellow group member saying it was 'unthinkable scenes'.

Unthinkable scenes indeed.

Facebook/Wetherspoons paltry chip count

While a woman called Meadow shared a similarly poor showing, being served 14 chips alongside her panini - prompting one page member to comment: "I don't often cry but it's sights like this that makes me well up. Such a pitiful amount of chips."

Not content with just counting his chips, a fella called Dan pulled out a measuring tape to find out the length of his chips, noting: "21 chips, average chip length was 2.75 inch overall. Good effort."

Another man appeared to be a bit upset that his other half wouldn't let him bring a set of weighing scales to the pub, writing: "Large mixed grill, a bang average portion of 26 (although there were a few tiny ones that barely qualify as chips).

"Partner wouldn't allow me to take scales to weigh the chips."

Probably for the best, mate.

Wetherspoon spokesman Eddie Gershon told LADbible: "A few years back Wetherspoon carpets were all the rage on Facebook, so it's probably no surprise that someone has now started a chip account.

Facebook/Wetherspoons paltry chip count

"All pubs should serve the same weight of chips, but the number of chips might vary depending on the size of chip."

If you fancy joining the group so you can show off the size of your portion, you can do so here.

Featured Image Credit: Facebook/Wetherspoons paltry chip count

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