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Family Turn Trampoline Into Massive Garden Swimming Pool Amid Heatwave

Family Turn Trampoline Into Massive Garden Swimming Pool Amid Heatwave

A family's canny conversion of a trampoline into a massive garden swimming pool has gone viral. You can watch the video below:


In the video - which has been viewed 1.6 million times on TikTok - the family can be seen removing the trampoline's springy jump pad (or whatever that part's called) leaving just the metal frame.

They then cover the frame with a huge tarpaulin, which is held in place with tape or cling film or something like that. After that, it's just a waiting game, as a hosepipe is used to steadily fill the pool, with the water presumably a little on the nippy side - even given the baking temperatures we've been enjoying in the UK over the past few days.

All in, the makeshift pool apparently cost only £36 ($44.46), with the majority of that presumably going towards the tarp - though it's not clear whether or not they included the water costs in that figure.

Either way, it's certainly a nifty little idea for the hottest days of the year, especially seeing as it would cost you in excess of a 100 quid to buy a pool of that size... Too bad rain is forecast for large swathes of the country over the weekend.

Worth the wait no doubt. Credit: TikTok/samantharitchie6
Worth the wait no doubt. Credit: TikTok/samantharitchie6

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Still, if you've got a trampoline it could be a good option when the hot weather returns, particularly given that beaches may well be closed to the public if social distancing measures continue to be flouted.

Health Secretary Matt Hancock said officials were 'perfectly prepared' to 'take action' after thousands flocked to beaches amid the hot weather.

In an interview with TalkRadio, Hancock said: "We do have that power [to close beaches]. I am reluctant to use it because people have had a pretty tough lockdown and I want everybody to enjoy the sunshine.

"But the key is to do it with respect for the rules - stay with your household, stay a good distance from other households."

He also said that if there is a second spike in the number of Covid-19 cases 'then we will take action', adding that the coronavirus 'does not respect that it's a hot summer's day'.

The comments came after after thousands of people descended on Bournemouth beaches, defying the advice to stay away. This resulted in the council declaring a 'major incident', with a multi-agency emergency response being activated to co-ordinate resources across the area.

Services were left overstretched, resulting in widespread problems of illegal parking, excessive waste, anti-social behaviour, gridlock on roads and prohibited overnight camping.

BCP Council issued 558 parking enforcement fines - the highest on record.

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/samantharitchie6

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