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Furious Neighbour Calls Police Over TikToker Rovi Wade's 'Inappropriate Outfit'

Furious Neighbour Calls Police Over TikToker Rovi Wade's 'Inappropriate Outfit'

Rovi, who posted a video of herself speaking to the police on TikTok, was wearing denim shorts and a cropped top

Rebecca Shepherd

Rebecca Shepherd

TikToker Rovi Wade has shared footage of her conversation with a police officer after her neighbour rung the authorities complaining about her 'inappropriate' outfit:

In the 15-second clip, Rovi can be heard defending herself and her choice of attire.

She says: "I am fully dressed, [my neighbour] just doesn't like my style and I told her, 'My body offends you, that's what the issue is,' and I'm allowed to exist and be hot and I'm going to continue to do so.

"So I don't know what she expects you to do."


According to The Sun, Rovi had been filming a video with her housemate outside their LA pad when the angry woman came out.

This is what Rovi was wearing.

Rovi says she 'politely' told the woman she had 'every right to be there' and explained that the location was public property.

However, the row ended with the furious neighbour telling Rovi she would call the police.

Understandably, Rovi didn't expect her to actually ring the cops - but shortly after they arrived, so the TikToker decided to film the conversation.

The police officer, who is offscreen, can be heard telling Rovi he 'understands', and the clip is captioned: "Yesterday my neighbour called the cops on me for dressing 'inappropriately'."

Since being posted, the video has racked up over 12.3 million views as well as getting three million likes and nearly 15,500 comments.


One of the comments reads: "Too bad for her. Tell her to look somewhere else."

Another person wrote: "'I'm allowed to exist and be hot' TRADEMARK THAT SIS."

A third commented: "The POLICE?! The POLICE FOR DRESSING DIFFERENT??? That woman needs to be charged god knows how many she's endangered."

Another called for 'I'm allowed to exist and be hot' merchandise to be released - not a bad idea.

Funnily enough, Rovi later uploaded another video, in which she says: "Merch is coming. I'm actually working with a good friend of mine to design something.

"So once we're finished with the design, which should be tomorrow, all I have to do is pick a supplier - which I'm still doing research on. But I want to pick one fairly quickly. so after I do that it's going to happen. It's happening. It's in the works."

I think that's called 'having the last laugh'.

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/rovi_wade

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