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Girlfriend Of LAD Who Ended Up In Magaluf After Going For A Pint Reveals 'Punishment'

Girlfriend Of LAD Who Ended Up In Magaluf After Going For A Pint Reveals 'Punishment'

Alun Griffiths, 27, said he got carried away with his mates when he went for an 'after-work pint' and ended up in Spain, missing his tea

Rebecca Shepherd

Rebecca Shepherd

Whether you're the bloke who's said to their partner 'I'm just having the one, promise' or you're the partner eye-rolling when the front door closes - we've all been there.

But Alun Griffiths, 27, took things a step further when he missed 'date night' and everyone knows that this is up there with some of the most insulting of gestures.

And by 'a step further', I mean a mighty fucking leap, because he ended up on the Magaluf strip.

But now Alun's really paying for his spontaneous antics because he's on a grovelling spree, trying to get back in his girlfriend's good books. Only joking, she insists she's not arsed.

Girlfriend of eight weeks, Sarah Meah, 36, says there was 'no big fall out' and she even booked Alun a return flight home. But she does want him to whisk her away somewhere as pay back.

This turned into one expensive meal, didn't it?

Wales News Service

Sarah, a nurse from Merthyr Tydfil, South Wales, said: "It was hysterical. I honestly didn't stop laughing. Before he went I'd been telling Alun to book a boys holiday because I'm going to Ibiza with my girlfriends and I wanted him to have fun too.

"But I didn't mean go that day. The best part is that I had to rescue the boys and get them a flight home when they'd had enough. People have messaged me saying I'm a mug for forgiving him but there was no fall out.

"It's all been a big laugh and I'm just glad he was safe and they stuck together even if they did go a bit too wild."

Alun, can you give us some tips on how to get yourself out of that one? Decent effort.

The father-of-four who was supposed to be going out for food with Sarah but 'had to let her down' explained that he text her to tell her not to worry about his dinner. Bold move.

'Don't worry about dinner, I'm having a bev at the airport'.
Wales News Service

He said: "She wasn't best pleased but we have a great relationship. She calls me out but our rows are always in good spirit. She text back saying 'You are winding me up, what an idiot.' But finished off telling me to have a good time."

And a good time was had by the sounds of things - after arriving in Majorca at 2am, Alun and his drinking buddy, Nigel Lewis, 34, headed straight for the bars.

They had no hotel booked and decided to sleep on the beach when they'd had enough. When the pair woke, they decided to go for a boozy breakfast before meeting a 'nice woman' who let them use her phone to book a hotel.

Because their batteries were gone. Such a classic.

Wales News Service

Alun explained: "We went out again that night but two days on the sesh was enough for me. That's when I called Sarah and asked her to book me a flight home."

Many women would have laughed (sarcastically), shouted an expletive or two and slammed the phone down. But Sarah got him on the next available flight back.

Alun added: "Sarah's a good sport. She was teasing me when I needed to come home after only a whole day and night there.

"We love the banter, it's one of the reasons we are great together. We are mates first. It's great she can take a joke and accepts my wild ways."

The couple have been best pals for nearly three years and only recently took their relationship to the next level.

Finally, Alun said: "Since I got back this whole thing has gone a bit silly. She doesn't want to look like the nagging girlfriend because that's not her at all.

"But she has said I've got to take her away now to make up for it. So we are looking at a trip to Amsterdam.

"Hopefully this time I can give my boss a bit more notice."

Never mind your boss, just make sure you give Sarah a bit of notice you lucky sod.

Featured Image Credit: Wales News Service

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