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Guy Has Best Response When His Daughter Tells Him She Has 'Lady Issues'

Guy Has Best Response When His Daughter Tells Him She Has 'Lady Issues'

A dad gave an amazing response when his daughter told him she had to leave work early due to 'lady issues'.

Twenty-five-year-old Kiera Platt from New York text her dad to tell him she had left work, and unable to resist making a dad-joke he replied: "Aww shit. Which lady bothered you enough to go home??

"U want me to speak to that bitch!?"


Sharing the joke online, Kiera's post quickly went viral and was flooded with comments from people saying her dad was 'too pure' for not understanding the term 'lady issues'.

However, Kiera has since said that her dad was in on the joke. Speaking to Buzzfeed, Kiera said: "He's the master of 'dad jokes.

"He's never failed at being awkwardly funny," she said. "When I was a teenager I used to feel embarrassed by it but now I embrace it. I couldn't imagine his sense of humour being any other way."

If dad-jokes are your thing, then Kiera's Twitter feed is right up your street, because she regularly posts screenshots of the conversations between her and her dad Mitch, who she calls her best friend, and they are all wonderful.


Like this one where he tells his daughter that he feels so close to her it's like she could be his daughter.

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Occasionally, he doesn't bother trying to craft a fine joke and instead goes in, like here where he wishes her a good morning and then tells her to 'fuck off'. Amazing.



Kiera told Buzzfeed: "My favourite thing about my relationship with my father is the banter we create between each other.

"There's no line of what's appropriate or not. The jokes are just always funny. That's the way it is. He's the best father in the entire world and I wouldn't change a single thing about him."


Ah, how cute is that?

Source: Buzzfeed

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