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Hurricane Irma: LADs 'Make The Most' Of Storm In Miami

Hurricane Irma: LADs 'Make The Most' Of Storm In Miami

We're all aware of the destruction that Hurricane Irma has wreaked across some of the Caribbean Islands as well as Florida over the past week.

Many have fled from their homes to get away from the eye of the storm, while others, like Sir Richard Branson, have already felt the wrath of Irma.

However, Zack, who has requested for his last name to remain anonymous, and his friends decided to make the most of a bad situation, turning the flooded roads of Miami into an aquatic playground.

The group of LADs grabbed wake boards and a dingy before tying them to the back of a pick-up truck as they shredded through the water.


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"There is no story behind it, really. It's just stupid people doing stupid shit," Zack told LADbible. "Basically we all just said 'fuck that' to staying indoors all day.

"One is wake boarding and the rest on a raft. We're in a Ford F-150 dragging them along."


No one said anything to them, which would lead you to believe that people were happy to see them actually having fun in the bleak circumstances.

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LAD Flies Plane Through Hurricane Irma And Videos His Experience

Zack says that the current weather in Miami is "calmer" and "much better" than it was in the past 24 hours. CNN reports that the storm has been downgraded from a hurricane to a tropical storm, with winds of 70mph (113kph).

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Hurricane Irma Sucks The Water Out Of The Sea In The Bahamas

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The high winds are still devastating but, as the storm moves inland, it's expected to get weaker and weaker, which means people in Florida and Georgia can hope to be safe, dry and have their power back soon.

Like Zack and his mates, not everyone has been scared by the hurricane, especially this kid who explained that he and his family didn't leave their home because they're 'savages'.

However, it shouldn't be underestimated. Irma originally moved across the Caribbean and caused havoc on many islands. It was size of France in scale and registered speeds of 185mph (298kph).


It broke recording equipment over Barbuda, meaning no further readings were received, and in some places the background noise from the storm has registered on earthquake-detecting seismometers.

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