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People Don’t Know Whether Pictures Of Pilot Outside A Plane Are Real

People Don’t Know Whether Pictures Of Pilot Outside A Plane Are Real

When a plane takes off or lands, it can provide passengers with a pretty impressive view of a town or city. But a pilot would probably have an even better view at the front of the aircraft with at least 180 degrees of unrestricted view.

However, one pilot in particular is trying to show that he has an even better view than most...from outside the plane while it's in mid-air. Mr 'Ganso' has a huge social media following, and has posted several photos of him apparently hanging out from a window as he's flying a passenger plane.


But people are divided on whether they think the pictures are real or not. Some have commented on the photos saying things like 'be careful man', 'are you crazy?' and even 'I didn't think you were allowed to open any windows on the plane, now I know only the pilot can'.

While others reckon that it's nothing but a good Photoshop job.


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If you're still on the fence about whether it's real or not, have a closer look at one of the photos. He probably shouldn't have been wearing reflective lenses in this picture as it shows him on ground level, at the airport with the jet bridge's shadow in plain sight.

Pilot outside plane
Pilot outside plane

Credit: PilotGanso/Instagram

If Pilot Ganso did open the plane window during a flight, he could get sucked out if he wasn't strapped in and it would cause a big drop in the cabin pressure. That could result in hypoxia, decompression and altitude sickness to the other pilots and potentially the other passengers.


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Depending on how badly the decompression was, it could force the pilot to drop to 10,000 feet so that passengers could have enough oxygen without masks.

It'd also be highly unlikely that if he did manage to open a window, that he'd be able to steadily hold a selfie stick or his arm outstretched to take a happy snap.

To be fair, the Photoshop work is very spot on.

Featured Image Credit: PilotGanso/Instagram

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