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Photo Reveals What Bloke Looked Like Before Massive Body Modifications

Photo Reveals What Bloke Looked Like Before Massive Body Modifications

He's spent a few years and a lot of ink transforming his body into a walking work of art

Stewart Perrie

Stewart Perrie

Everyone is entitled to change their bodies the way that they see fit - as long as it's legal and doesn't interfere with anyone else's life. If you want to dye your hair rainbow: be my guest, if you want a tattoo of your partner's name on your neck: that's your prerogative, if you want to stretch your earlobes: crack on.

One bloke has made quite the name for himself because he's done virtually everything under the sun in terms of body modifications.


He's tattooed virtually his whole body black, including his eyeballs, the inside of his mouth and tongue, stretched his earlobes, nose and lip. Scrolling through his Instagram, it's hard to imagine what he looked like before this dramatic transformation, but thankfully we don't have to wonder.

Eli, 27, a tattooist and artist from Brighton, says he became interested in body-mods from a young age after seeing his uncle's tribal tattoo.

This is Eli before his transformation.

Speaking to the MailOnline, he said: "I've always been blown away by art itself. Picasso is a huge childhood inspiration to me, especially abstract art, but I do like all forms of art. Body art was just the next local step for me growing up."

Going on to say that the only person who understand his 'transition' is him.

He said: "I wanted to look like an abstract character in one of Picasso's paintings. I love the abstract look, no thought just pure expression."


The tattooist says he's part of a sub-culture within a broader group called 'Modern Primitives' who pay homage to the rites of passage used in primitive cultures through modifications.

When it comes to how he's treated by the general public, Eli told the news outlet: "The best is always nice compliments, that's always nice to hear, either from tattoo collectors or just passers-by, the worst is always older generation looking down on you and making you feel worthless.

"But this is all a state of mind. I don't take much notice anymore."

Out of all his body modifications, the eyeball tattoo is up there in terms of how dangerous it can be. It takes several injections to cover the sclera, which is only one millimetre thick and people who have had it done have told of how intense the process is.

Kylie Garth, who has light blue eyeballs, told the BBC: "It feels like somebody is poking at your eye, then it feels like strange pressure and then it feels you have a bit of sand in your eye, but there's no pain."

Would you ever get it done?

Featured Image Credit: eliinkpiercer/Instagram

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